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If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you.

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    Brandon (AKA: Axel The Hedgebat)
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Lmao hittin' the bong bro?
In this comic, that's his fighting style. Was that a bad idea?
The Unknown

That's the comic I'm referring to. It's going to be a masterpiece. you should read it.
Ill be back to making comics ina bit. a few personal problems prevent me right now. there will be an update wednesday
this was made by my co-author. I'm sorry for updating late. it wont happen again.
i meant to say "take care of this myself."
but i rushed.
yup. imma have to edit the font though
dude. you just mentioned Xion. that was like the biggest spoiler ever.
Nobodies don't have souls. and it look weird because a 10,000 year old demon took it over.
I had edited Pandora's pixel art for this comic. idk if anyone noticed or not.
pandora went poof
sorry. you cant see her behind the head in 3 of the panels.
I'm trying to make each organization member have a distinct personality quirk.
why do you think they cal it "hellgate" or "the gates of the damned"
i'm sorry for the crappy sprite but it's all i could do on short notice. after the next comic, you won't see it again.
she was only doin' it to find her dad
two things
one, Roxas used his keyblade to flip the little horn heartless behind him, and the blast is coming FROM namine, not being shot at her.
I tried to make him sound as southern as i could. it worked i think.(hopefully)
this one of those quickie comics. i made ten min. b4 i went to work.