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Thanks. It looks a little better now in the next comic.
Well the scene does take place in Yoshi's Island :P
Or I could just completely forget about uploading this xDDD
Sorry guys, I keep forgetting about this.

I've been co-comicing with one of my friends on one site, and the chapters take a hell of a lot of time to work on (I used around 60 layers for one episode; meanwhile on this I really only used like a few because I didn't use Photoshop for everything)

I'll get started on a new episode in a few minutes :D
Yeah, it was an album by Guns N' Roses. Actually, I never noticed that until like 2 hours after I posted this.
Just a filler for the lack of updates. I'll be working on this later tonight after I'm done hockey practice and then tomorrow. Friday I'll be packing up to go to the shore with my friend so there'll be another lack of updates.
Eh, I wasn't really sure whether to censor it or not so I just did it anyway xD

I didn't censor shit though because it's pretty much an everyday word for most people here, unless you walk up to random women and call them bitches :P

Thanks for the favs though.
I kinda want to know too.

Nice comics by the way. They're pretty interesting and funny.
Yet again I forget to make someone glow >.<
Kirby was ripped from one of his GBA games by some guy, Link was made custom by Goldstud, and the background was made by Little Spriter. I just put together the tiles on the bg sheet.
July 19th, 2008
It's alright, I actually intended to use him, but then I thought K. Rool deserved some fame :P
The phrase originated from Killer Instinct, where whenever you hit a combo, and it was broken or blocked, the announcer would go "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!"

It's been an internet phenomenon in the past few years.
Damnit! I really need to proofread my comics better.
July 19th, 2008
To Bowsernight: Thanks for the fav.

To DavynD: Possibly :P
July 19th, 2008
Uh... It's King K. Rool from the DK King of Swing game or whatever it's called.
July 18th, 2008
What kind of plot will this lead to? You decide.
Thanks for the compliment ^_^
I forgot to make Kirby glow while he was talking xD
Thanks for the fav, crazyfrog1234.

To Rockstorm: That's pretty much the only reason why I had Kirby say that. I couldn't really think of anything other than the fact Kirby eats food nonstop.
It's the first time I tried using Photoshop on a comic, so I didn't try to do too much.