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I'm a student studying Graphic Design, I love reading manga and American comics. My favourites are Alan Moore's 'The Killing Joke', Junji Ito's 'Uzumaki', and I'm a big fan of webcomics too.

I love awesomely bad movies, they're just so much fun, and I'm a massive geek for B-horror movies. Bruce Campbell is my King XD

I enjoy writing, drawing (obviously), acting, filming, hanging out with friends, and videogames.

Um, yeah, so... That's about it, I think.
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Hiatus, kinda
Hey, thanks to everyone who has faved this, I really appreciate it ^_^

I thik I'm going to take a break from it to concentrate on my other comic though. I also want to remake this one since I'm not happy with how rough it is.

Sorry about all of this, but I'll try to get through the pages as quickly as I can.

Thanks again!
Annnnnnnd we now have an answer to what the frick is going on with poor Raven and his current situation. I'm sure some of you guessed that this was the case, but I hope it wasn't too obvious.
Heh heh, thanks!
Gah, sorry I haven't updated in a while >.<
Yeah, new character coming in to it and all that XD

This guy came about from my massive obsession with Vincent from Silent Hill 3.
Hee, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
February 16th, 2009
Aww, thank you, Maggie Misery ^_^
Lol, they certainly didn't, Tsumetai. Hm, maybe he has, or there might be another reason. Dun duuuun!
Aww, thank you! Sometimes I think I do pretty good with the panels, other times I get quite worried XD
October 17th, 2008
Heee, thank you Laura Baka-Chan and thanks Piratey-ninja!I wasn't sure if it was freaky or not, but I'm gald it is ^_^
October 15th, 2008
The blonde dude hasn't come into the comic yet, but he's quite an important character. And you know the brunette asthe psycho with the knife XD
Lol, I'm glad you're enjoying the updates, peeps ^_^
Aww, thank you! That means a lot ^_^
Lmao, me too actually XD
Thank you to those who have faved this so far ^_^
@the_goddess_of_chaos, Yeah, it's horrible being really sleepy >.< I feel quite bad for the little guy too.

@Lacus2887, Lmao. The suspense XD
My name's Raven and I'm a total pussy >.<
XD I suck at forshortening
Sorry for how terrible this page looks.

I botched up the toning and the typeface is completely different. It sucks getting a new PC XD I now need to find tons of stuff taht I was using on my old photoshop and reinstall them and crap.

I'll put in more of an effort for the next page.
Gah, Vista's been messing my net up. I've missed loads.

This looks cool. I like Dexter.