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I'm currently working on a webcomic centered around a boy who can transform into an anthropomorphic gaming device. I also vlog and do Let's Plays over on my Youtube channel.
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He sure is a fine fellow.
How did his face reach the S key?
Ohohoho the pun
You look low on health... oh video game tutorials xD
Wow. The art on this page is reaaally nice. o.o
Dem flanks. :B
Furfag pony-lovers.
how they disgust me with their "clopping"

And on that note, Rainbow Dash is best pony.
Aww, alrighty then. But by the time the next tourney starts I'll have my sheet full and ready.
Alrighty then, working on a one-two punch animation and an elbowing animation. I have a pretty crappy Danny Phantom based sheet that's at least more complete if you wanna use that instead.
Um, Dashie can fly at 10,000 mph, sooo...yeah
Filling out my app now~
Dear Princess Celestia
I vote for everyone to work together using friendship, because as we all know, friendship is

...Gabby is hawt in a creepy way D:
You didn't reply to me on MSN T^T
So many people blinked when the flash went off
I have some better sprites for Human form, but not as many poses...Maybe I could finish them before I go to New Mexico next week/two weeks after that. And I'll see what I can do with GB form.
They could potentially kill him.

And that would be penguinslaughter/animal abuse.
Not only will there be better graphics

But also 3D