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Urhm ..idk..

Basically I'm just some random person ..being bored ..looking for some good reading..
BL, GL, gore ..anything worth reading..

Else wise I’m just running around doing almost nothing..
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    I think it's Camilla ..?
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Some danish girls still look like that oO''

This comic is really great! XD
I hate when people do that ..

I LOVE the wobbly hand drawn borders :D!
I'd buy the book even of it wasn't for the sex I just have a reason for it to be NOW ..

Though I REALLY REALLY want to see it happen ..I don't find the need for it to be posted here ..
You made a choice of selling the book ..
I think you are in your right mind, of not necessarily posting the sex scene, really.. You ARE selling this as a book, there should be something in there, that aren't here ..that small thing that makes you want to buy the book..
Mean or not ..I think there should be.. Really..

Just too bad for us who don't have the book..
I have no money the moment ..and no way of buying it even if I did mean ..
Guh I have to talk to my mom _ _ *fail*
Why does it say Mew on Jordans shirt?
Just confess already!
Damnit ..come on know you want to!
Also one of those who facepalmed along with Ann..
Keith isn't really all that smart, is he?
Me too on the borrowing the neighbors Internet ..if they haven't secured it's their own fault ..

I love this page ..and Keith's slight stupidity ..
I took me like a minute or something to figure out it said Eric on the drawing on the wall ..

You draw so pettily ..
How come haven't Keith been raped by someone yet? It would be so easy ..

But ..I really love this page ..and how he unknowingly just flirts like that cute..
I don't even know hot to say it right,then how do you expect me to write it right?

But I like it so far, it's only been 37 pages, and I don't think it's needed that something super exciting happens in the beginning..
I at least don't expect that ..I like it to slowly develop..
I honestly forgot it was yuri, but I read it because the art and the story line is really good ..and I would probably even if it wasn't yuri..
Oh! She's cute as a kitty!
They are so cute..
Really.. Awes ..
He's so cute that way..
But I'd call him mildly autistic ..but yeah..
Stupid you for only having one more page coming ..

But then again's a comic I could read again again ans again^^
I like your art, even on the computer..
But, theres just something more to it when you draw it in hand..
Not saying this is bad, because it's NOT, it's pretty, but still..

Can't wait ..
I like your bodies ..what would be wrong with those ..?

And, I like the twist it took, to this..