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I'm queer as a rainbow, despite being female with a preference for boys~

I like my boys femmy, and my girls boyish <3
I also like boylove, girl love and, well, anything that strikes my fancy and isn't standard boy x girl.

I'm an artist myself, but haven't really gotten to the point of producing a proper comic yet. If you think I should... Well, lets just say having fans helps ;)

I have a couple of instant message things, so if you want to contact me there, ask me^^
Ooohh...I wish more ads were this sexy <3
Of course you can, Allan! Never seen Dharma and Greg? =P
Oh man...I wanted to reread and finally catch up on this comic again, but the moving background makes it impossible for me to focus x.x Is there a way to read this *without* this background...?
July 21st, 2011
...i really hope he's not like my boyfriend when it comes to spicey... he faints when it's real hot >.>
Nice ass 8D
Good luck on the jobhunt! =D

Ryan looks awesome :3
July 21st, 2011
I don't like beards that much, but DAMN does James pull it off nicely ♥

What I *love* on a man is a nice blush, though >w>
Rule of yaoi nr 865: If a guy gets angry at another guy for being tall/hot/etc, he's secretly in love with him.
That vote incentive looks like it leads to yumminess~♥
Oohh... Can we have more chibis as vote incentives? 'Cause it's totally cute ♥

Mahou Shounen Fight is awesome, and it even has cute girls! Especially the one that's dating a dragqueen XDD

Just when I've created a captain for a new D&D campaign, too! ♥
"hold on, making myself appear sick, be right with you"
Or at least, that's what I'm assuming he's doing.
Jealous Mika makes my day ♥
You're completely right, Eric! "Funny" isn't the word I was thinking of...>w>
Another update? 8D Dude, you're on a roll! isn't how you get someone to go down on you, silly boy XD
I wish my sex ed was as yummie as this...
@Merrsharr: *SNORT* I bet it would work XD
July 14th, 2011
I love a goatee <3 I blame James Hettfield and my partner for that >w>♥
like MrMonochromatic says: STOP DYING, TOMMY!
Ridiculously CUTE, you mean!