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omygosh dude, I don't know how to thank you for such kind words.
(sry about how corny that sounded)

Thank you so much Karadom, as well as those who have been here since the beginning. You have all been amazing spriters and good friends.
Thank you all.
they look great zach
this page just kinda made my day
@zach- crap. japan just is not having a good weekend.

@Karadom- oh tanxs I post them on the sprite page.
that was pretty much my reaction to this...
just spent like the last 3 or 4 days trying to read the whole thing. i love this comic! X3
then i got to this page and was like, aw man, nothing more to read. lol
i really love this comic and hope that you will continue it. so faved.
aw. well at least i know im not the only one having a rough week. lol
did i break the fourth wall? yes i did. do i care? not really.

so i'm back from my grandfather's funeral. right now kinda going though the motions so i'll try to start updating more. but definitely not as much as omega lol. anyway, i came back to my laptop not working. i sat at my desktop for ten minutes wondering where the sprites i was working on were, when it hit me. my sprites are on my laptop that has decided to stop working. ugh! hopefully i can either, get my laptop to get back working, or be able to edit my sprites all over... again...
not sure how long i'll be gone. im kinda just going through the motions right now.

edit- and sry if this is crappy, i kinda tried to rush through this.
January 7th, 2011
*gasp!* he has a sister?! lol
why am i sitting there doing nothing? lol
crap! this is the 4ooth comic!
Sorry that it's pretty late, but I was hit pretty hard on Christmas day. I found out that my grandfather doesn't have that much time left to live. It's been the worst holiday break ever, and it's not getting any better. I love my grandfather, and I knew that this was coming, but I just hate that it is. Not sure why I'm telling you people this, I guess I just needed to vent out to someone.

Now that I got that out of my system,
I hope that you guys are having a better holiday break than mine. I hope, if you had any, your plans went great! And if you are still traveling, that you get home safely. Happy (Delayed) Holidays and a happy New Year.
get your own room!
wait wat? lol
so dramatic! lol