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Yo. 8|
I`m Rakugosha ~ (:
I mostly have an account for my favorite comics and commenting, and thats about it. XD
I do love anime/manga, and I love reading/watching them. > w < bbb
I also like Roleplaying and Soccer (BRAZIL YEAH!)
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I agree with everyone as well! :DD

You have skills bro! B] ~
And the cheesynesseseses is adorable! > w < bbb
Trust me, I spent two hours reading this because it was good! It didn't even seem like two hours because I was so engrossed. <3
And with what AikiiYukii said, this is probably one of the VERY few teacherxstudent comics I actually LIKE. xDDD

So keep up the great work because this is a great comic! <3
lol shutting up now. cx
December 18th, 2010
asdkgjh --
After like two hours of reading I finally caught up with this! * A *

I utterly and completely enjoyed this comic so far. <3 I love the idea, and normally I'm not a studentxteacher supporter, but the way you crafted this story is just so cute!

I'm completely in love with this story and I was kinda ... ok no, i was really sad when I realized this was the latest update. XD

jkadshg -- Mitsuki's plotting! o . o ;; PLOTTING. Hopefully not like other manga character's who plot and make everything go wrong. D: C'mon Mitsuki! GOOD PLOTTING!

ehe, but keep it up! I look forward to more. :D
New Commenter
Haha, I`ve been reading this but this is my first time commenting. ;;

Might I say I LOVE the art and the storyline. :D It`s so funny and the characters are adorable. <3

I hope Brazil wins too. >:D
*Is Brazilian*
August 14th, 2009
8DD Woah!! I think he's so pretty ful!
Ack! Must. Pull. Hair! >.< Artemis is going to be sooooo enjoying this!
I like that they are somewhat connected~!
Haha. Yeah Fatherly love all right~!
Sorry for the uber sketchy quality. They love him deep deep deep deep way deep like underworld deep down. And he is the "Godly Father".
Thanks everyone~!

I completey agree that this guy is gonna be awesome ! Ah the joy of brotherly fueds!
Hahaha!! I love these two. Zeus and Hades love each other.

Ya right! It'll be one fight after another. xD I love there relationship
Haha. Yeah this is Zeus.
Artemis and Apollo's father and Hades's brother. Hahaha xD Oh this going to be fun!

Name: Zeus
Year: Senior
Sexuality: Bi
History: An egoistical olympian born and raised with power and wealth.
Personality: Egoistical, Random, Self Loving, Crazy, Rude.
Powers: Weather Manipulation, Thunder and Electricity control.
Represent: The greek god of the Sky and Thunder.
Control: Sky and Thunder
Likes: Himself.
Dislikes: Everyone else.
Fave Quote: "I am the god here okay?"
Artemis- Daughter
Apollo- Son
Hades- Brother, sadly.
Idk what's gonna happen but kewlio
A random filler for lack of updates since like forever. *sigh* attack of the mystery dude. :3

And the URL
Oh Lord
Haven't updated in like forever, but i'm finally back and rolling~! I love how Artemis can be such a doofus. *Sigh* Poor little doofus of mine. Nyx isn't really a nice teacher.

Well since it won't pop up and show for people i'm posting a link kkay?
July 28th, 2009
Uuu.. I just discovered this manga today. It's so good! :3 I love how you draw your hair it's so pretty. :O Why do I feel like that dude is such an ass?
Well i'm finally back after a while. Aw Ares hopes and dreams~! So pretty. PSh. your hands are 100% better than mine that's for sure
Awwww this is super pretty
Awwwz! >:D I'm continuing this nowww!!! xD They make a cute couple cuz their so friggin shy.
Awww that's so cute! I love Venus in the background
You urk me Firey! If Curiousity killed the cat. I must of killed millions. Now I'm all curious :P
Idk this is hard to geuss :/ but Apollo totally calls dibs on Venus DX no now I've spoiled my plans