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I am currently revamping old pages. I'll probably retone the new pages when I have more free time. One more week until I'm done with finalz. Suxors.
Keep a look out for this guy in the story ;o. He's gonna play an important role later on!
September 30th, 2011
Sorry, been really busy with schoolios and some extra other stuff. Been really hectic for this whole past month; recently got back to writing novels, junk like that.

As you can see ^ very sloppy, but the next pages will have to do like that due to time consumption. Sorry, folks! But I hope you like the story so far!
Lazy Castle/Screentones FTW!
LOL. Aw. Lovely comments. Thank you. And no, the comic is not dead >.>;

School just started for me last week, and I fell behind cuz I have a retarded college who doesn't give me money on time to buy books! >:/

Don't be a poor fellow like me, folks!

And yes, I'm getting lazy. But I'll still update!
experimenting pens :/
I should be practicing for performance this Sunday...but...cuz I'm so cool...:D
Can't use compu-tones to save my life...
I have no pen in this house. LOL. Such fail. But I'm slacking off tones. lol.
Major Revisions...
Overall, I have decided to revamp B+Y=A! Obviously, it has been three?two years now? I am glad to say that this comic will be redrawn with better quality, details, and description!

However, do not worry! For all the witty characters and the storyline will be the same. All that is changing is the quality and a slower process of story telling.

Many pages may not come out this month of July due to schedule conflicts, but the first few pages will pop out!

As for the storyline,it will continue. So no, you do not have to wait until I'm done revamping all the past pages :). I will be continuing the storyline while revamping old pages! So soon! I am as of now working on the next page, and the old first page!
Love this page. :) Ooooohohoh, reminds me of SSBB. Mm... that game, so addicting...
Tadaaah. Man. I like the way I psed the hair. But not the clothes. Yeah I got lazy towards the end, so sue me. Anyway. I got my NIKKO nibs :D

But I won't upload anything till the weekend, cuz for one thing..I'm failing at least three classes (well, damn). Dumb Astro. 101.
Actually this was just a commission. But I thought she kinda related to the main character of TGZ. :) So. Tah-dah. I need to photo-color this shizz like no other.
Shalala...Yeah. American nibs suck. They clog up and drag on the paper. If you feel the page I just finished inking, it's like those books for blind people. D:

I'm gonna go buy those damn japanese nibs on Wednesday.
Hellooo...I haven't used a g-pen in forever. and it's those cheap american kind it crackles on the paper and drags and makes it hard to slide properly...

So. This is one manga I'm going to start using a G-pen on...(ohohoh yes...)
Meh. Sleepy time.
meh. unknown...
Still unsure about the page
I forgot the page numbers and am too lazy to check...

So anyway, I figured that I'm sure as heck not gonna have much time to ink any of these I'll replace the sketches with the ink versions when I do have time! :]