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Yeah, Atty was mashing the A button XD
I missed the translation and sent the link to my German friend like a derp XD
ATTY!!! YAAAAY, you got a bath AND you saved Dragonthing :p
You just gotta find the right opening line ;)
There's nothing wrong with not matching the monkey-looks of your family :p Its only annoying the day your mom tags your on FB with a picture of a peacock :p
20 in January, I meet all requirements <3 (unless someone gets hella drunk in this comic, then I have to go wait in the car...)

Ack, Kaden don't laugh like that...! You look like your gonna go nutso 'keep yo filthy hands offa my wo-- my man!'
(insert lady gaga reference here)

OTL... (exhausted) Look at him Kaden, isnt he the cutest thing yove ever seen? Don't you just want to do terrible things to him? Isnt it all Kylas fault you cant anymore??

Think man~~~
They're sharing beds!! It must be him, go get all jealous and beg lyle not to 'sleep' with him because YOU LOVE HIM!!

(collapses in corner, exhausted) I really enjoy reading webcomics, but Im waay too invested in this one XD Its bad for me maaan, all this drama haha
BWAHAHAHA!! I thought that masked dood was saying he was like gary oak... BUT ITS ATTY!! tats just classic. He has a worse attitude but is a better person that Gary (probably), he's stuck being the bad guy XD I love this.. holy hand grenade, man!
September 26th, 2010
I love your style and characters, its so fun <3 Also SIFRIS, Yaaaaay <3333

I can't really be SURE until I see the next page, but I think you meant 'summoned plain'.
Let this be a lesson to you, Shiratori. Never say 'fine, ill f*ck you, if youll leave me alone'. It never ends well. Either their obsessed or traumitized haha
@PrinceNaru Ditto.

They have nothing in common, with her RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM kaden should be able to see that. Im sure in his subconcious he wishes that kyla wads more like her brother..! OTL

You update so often that im getting really emotionally invested in this, man...
lyle is great and worships the ground you walk on, kyla is the type of girl that hangs out with her childhood bff and then gets drunk with her other friends after trying to make him buy her clothes!! If there was ever a time to realize whos righ for you, its NOW
Apparently my manry--ness is keeping me from understanding this page... Isnt he holding up the same dress? And everyone looks horrified..

(gasps in corner, out of breath)

Im so excited!! I lover this comic and its nearing the end.. slowly... oh so slowly... BUT I MUST KNOW!
Aww... He's all sad-sad. Like an annoying, clingy, pretty puppy, he got used to haru following him around.
... did she cut her finger? Regardless, Im happy to have her here, upping the drama and all that. Though i feel so bad for him, he wants to love his sister, but he has to be miserably jealous instead...(sigh)
Darn you, didn't you read one bl manga before trying to seduce him?? DONT admit the plan, say something like 'im not ready for that' or 'im not just interested in that, i love you' or something!! And uh... Dood. Were you really gonna have sex wit a dude if it would make him go away? Hard core, man...
Maybe kahn JUST caught that nidoran and it was half dead already.. Not that I dont want Dragon Thing to do well but... suspicious~