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Happy Birthday~!
aaand I'm bearly going to be 15 in august hehe
Awesome page! I think Angel might've won the game xD
Aaand this comic seemed a lot better in my head. And a lot nicer.
Thanks I'll post it up right now :D
>3> I guess I forgot to call the next page, I have a page to post right now but if you wanted to post something then I can wait.
I'm working on something right now, sorry I take so long D8
The first panel is so awesome!
xD So awesome! and I have ideas now!
Number one!
Notice my hair style change that's different from usual~

...I like that song D:
I forgot to say welcome so, welcome!

I just realized I have no idea what Amanda is doing right now! D: So I call the next post after Micchiru if it's ok.

Um...there are german classes in high school? That sounds awesome D8 they only have spanish and french here
Here! and is very sorry for not coming up with anything new, or commenting...
but I'll do my best to stay active from now on~!
I'm still here sort of...
my head's just been pretty blank lately, sorry D:
soooo seeing the comic suddenly be rise up again(hopefully it'll stay up >3<) made me realize how outdated amanda's look was and I wanted to draw it again
sasl;dfj so yea you can just ignore this little filler thing and while you're at it ignore the weirdo left foot that shouldn't really bend that way.
Good point there.
Haha poor Mike~
but maybe he'd be better off if he was crazy, just talking to himself and throwing pokeballs all day...
but then again there needs to be at least one sane person to balance things out right?
I really wanna continue, really really wanna continue, seriously, I hate seeing it all inactive like this D8.
I wasn't really sure what was going on though >.< So I thought I should wait for an idea to come but it never did...
And an in comic calender sounds like a good idea
Is it a gift for everyone? O:
edit: fff stupid me wasn't reading things right
is it a gift for meperson then? >3>
Merry Christmas everyone!
I got Wii Music and some other stuff, and The Dark Knight dvd with a Harvey Two Face Coin
OMG! That was really awesome Link!
I liked the song, it was cute 8D