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White Ryuu
Busy student, lazy bum and yaoi maniac ^^
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@Sir_Sandra: I've read your comic after receiving your post and I can see that the book plays a big part there. In my comic the book is not that important. It's only, let's say, the first link in some biger chain :D I hope that after you read some more of my comic you would come to the same conclusion :)
2nd chapter, yays!
Done digitally. That's why it looks so hopeless...
I'm just... not really satisfied - I only like the first panel XD
Back of the second chapter's cover :D
That's Celeste, Carmille's and Veronique's sister ^^
I'm still alive
The cover of the second chapter.
Drawn ages ago XD
In case you don't know: these are two vampire sisters, Carmille and Veronique ^^
LOL, he showed them XD
The "STFU" one? *pretends she doesn't know*
The last one :D
That's right, it's the last page of the first interludium. Now you can expect the second chapter ^^
I won't write much, only that I like the way Hubert came out on the bottom panel :D
I'm back ^^
Hey, hey, I'm alive! Finally I have some free time and the access to the internet, so I can submit some new pages (they're not new, I drew them about a year ago) ^^
another page
Another one and late again ^^ Enjoy afterall ^^
still no free time
I've replaced that lousy filler with a new shiny page, as you can see. I still have no free time, but there'll be another one appearing soon, I believe. Enjoy ^^
Wooh, that's a nice piece of art :D
LOL :D mina wiewiórki jest priceless :D I jak ja siê fajno skradam :D
A jak nam w realu odpyskowa³, to my¶la³y¶my, ¿e siê z Mesi oniuniamy :D

PS. a ta wiewiórka, to na drzewie siedzia³a XD
Thank you very mych :D
Three pages - one for today, one for last Saturday and one for last Wednesday. From now on I'll be able to upload only on Saturdays :(
I'm terribly late with this one... I was supposed to upload it last Saturday... I'm so laz-y... *dies*
The first page in black and white... and screentones which I'm still learning to use - and it does show XD
Nyo, the story takes part in Wrocław in Poland - I bet everyone from that city would be able to recognise the particular spot on the 2nd panel :D

PS. read from left to right :D
Yays, the last page of the first chapter! The longer I'm looking at it, the more I think it sucks, but wut the hell :D
Late again ^^ This is the last page in colour. The following ones will be all black & white & screentones :D
Late again - it's all because of my disc I had to format. Damn viruses ><