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French canadian so... bad english XD Sorry

I mostly read webcomic, doesn't have the talent (or the patience) to do one myself so... I admire you all !
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Gosh... If you didn't exist, someone would have to invent you... so that you could invent Alternate !
This is so epic XD
The asian boy (never remember his name) is sexy in that costume XD
Art lesson ? no need, no need ^^

But we need more pages D: Now !

^^ kidding ! (not really XD)

OMG ! She is NOT dead ! XD Run, Bart XD
Game over ? D:

Too bad for the plan, Cole XD
Camilo smiling was kind of... disturbing XD lawl

That was hilarious XD
July 13th, 2008
If he wasn't dead, I think I would marry Spencer :3

or the asian boy ? XD (don't remember his name ^^')