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Sprite Comicing
Not Being Able to =P
@videojunk Thanks! I hope I can remember to check for when it comes out. Will I get an email alert if someone PMs me? It's been since 2011 since I've gotten a PM from here so I can't remember at all.
My magnum opus
For some reason, I suddenly want to see a scathing review of my old webcomic War in Blankland, which I started making over nine years ago and ended over six years ago. If anyone is willing to trudge through it, it would make for a hilarious review, and it would make my 13-year-old self proud/ashamed. < the first page (it isn't as long as it seems, because most of the pages are one-panel-per-page).
Man, I miss Pipes and stuff like that.
nobody ever gave me any constructive criticism which is probably why I quit after 50 lol
Sigh. This game did come out. And it was just like I imagined. To the letter.
my little brother made this and the following few starring Silver. You can tell.
How come all 67 comics aren't remastered like you said they were on the first page?? :P
i cant read the text
how come everyone looks so much like sonic
sonic sprite comics are so overdone. lets put drugs in it! now its so fresh and new yay!
at least I do it ironically unlike most sprite comic-ers
uhh im not sure if you are old enough to understand this comic????

its super great send me 3 pictures of anything and ill make a comic out of it!!!1
lol the original comics are all still located at
What is this I don't even.

I HAVE to fav this. O_O btw AMAZING art.