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awesome comic until the end, wish you best of luck DHK1989 with your other comics.
Ohh,it be while until I solve the problem so I email you BattleStarX when everything is back in order.
Comic on hold
this comic is tem suspend as I lost all my files to autorun.inf
For some reason This comic is co-parnter? can some one explain that. Thanks

Thank: to Ryan Mc for Roll,and Dr.light, and Dr.wily sprites
Thanks guys and just to say paint is easily
to use then it look.
Oh yeah oh the grammar part.
Before you ask yes I use paint and new at this
I know what I not doing soon.
I am Black sword
Guess I be Third,congrat on the 100 comic
We all mistakes, just not bad as The Doc.
Weclome readers
This is the comic. Any comics before this was pratice.
Well I wish my self good luck.
I making some changes to the comics.
This is not going to work out good.
Auto is bieng reprogram but he still worry about THE DAMN CITY.
Every who saw metal sonic,knew this.
my comment speak for itself.
How you going with a person who just betray you so easily.
federation not really bright are they.
I complete agree...I would kill Nack myself..
Nack huh... he a smart guy...