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I like pokemon, Mario, video games, doing art, and I guess comics too! So yeah!
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ooooo they look adorable!!! :3
Oh yeah the smash ball XD
ooooo nice! It’s starts with an eevee and a scorbunny, I already like this!
Huh who’s that creepy guy
oooo looks amazing!!!
oooo can’t wait for the chapter and for softrunner to appear! owo
ooooo what does the letter say
ooooo there’s gold!
ooooo here comes kishi’s training!
He looks so cute!!! And yeah his name is so cool!
OOF! be careful pin pin!
Heh lucky you on getting him early in the game! And he looks awesome and cute! :3
Awww she looks so adorable!!! owo
November 16th, 2019
ooooo then happy birthday! :D
ooooo looks amazing!!! :0
It’s ok! Take all the time you need! :D
ooooo they look amazing and I’m also getting sword!
Well then I’ll add these 4 here!
ooooo both of them have a very interesting design, I like it!
Haha yeah he’s adorable and cute when he’s scared