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heya if you found your way over from my other account, myapple, congrats you found my actual comic! :D -random-

um... what are profiles supposed to have in them?

i'm currently 17, live in canada, like to think i can write/draw and... erm... i eat comments. yeah. so make sure to feed me when you get the chance O_O;;; feel free to pm me here or on DA cause i like talking to people :"D
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heh just wanted to say hi (i'm jukeboxx on sro)

and keep up the good work ^^ i like what you have so far :D
i don't think i ever told you, but i LOOOVE how you draw eyes.

nu UH.
his face is beautiful.


still gonna steal your sexy!arm skills. ONE DAY
aha she's so evil X3
i think

i like this new anami >:D
damn man your art is gorgeous O3O