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and then we find out steve is steves' father.. oh god..
I'm not surprised future Steve is evil..
And in a sick way, that joke is funny..
Its near-epic..

I do like the shirts of Chaos..

I would've missed ya if you left..
Probably one of the best comics I've read.

Either way.. ha ha! steve fell..
god.. i'd loved to float upside down if I could..
We at least Paco has it all down..
its still funny..
oh well.. that was funny how she made herself younger on accident..
Dun dada dun!

meh heh..
ha ha ha! its sooo cute.. bwahaha
I'll take 6..

I laugh at this comic..
*plays guildwars* FTW!
I use that shirley joke all the time..
April 18th, 2007
YAY! Series end! Wait a sec.. NOOOOO!
April 17th, 2007
ONly one word.. ownd..
April 13th, 2007
The big guy may rip out someones heart but the guy in red can scoope out pplz eyes
What a lovely scythe!
its sooo wronge.. yet so funny
oh god! teh power of teh old people! We must all ran for teh hills!