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I like reading comics!!8D (NO SHAT!)

Im a wannabe comic-artist as well. I like reading pretty much any genre, and I'm always on the look out for interesting styles in comics besides anime.:3
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    Angelica A.A.R.
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Your lines, as I'm sure half of SJ has already told you, are in-fucking-credibly gorgeous.<3 Seriously, this is a beautiful webcomic, so much for the eye to take in.<33

Beth looks so pretty in that final panel...*_*
Pfff, they look so cute. Getting all chummy with each other there, eh? <3 BEE EFF EFFSSSSS~!
She was kissing their new neighbor??? If she's THAT quick, I can sort of see why her little sister is so uptight.XD
Oh good. I thought I was going insane because Dake's family were suddenly speaking SPANISH.XD Had to re-read it a few times, then I read your comment haha. So I take it you speak spanish, or atleast have some understanding to it?:3

Poor little Dake.:<
I...I did not expect this to move so...uh,yeah,anybody else need their heart started up as well?

I really don't want to look behind me...
I am SO glad I decided to leave the lights on.D: My house is spooky enough as it is...Jesus, this gave me goosebumps.
Ohohoho she's just asking for it.>w>' *SHOT*
I always enjoy reading KEY, those people probably couldn't keep up with your crazy updates.XD (mind you, I LOVE your crazy updates!) You shouldnt get discouraged by it, your comic is great. Thanks for drawing it and sharing it with us for two awesome years!:)
I...I think I died a little.D: *LOVES PIDGEYS*
I don't usually comment because I'm so absorbed into the story.:'D And cuz I'm kinda shy haha. But still! Wonderful story you've crafted and i LOVE that you update so often, because I don't have to wait around for what happens next, unlike other comics.
And just in case the tirade of comments above werent enough, this comic first came out WAY before Naruto was popular.:/ So there.

And besides, this comic is made of win.<3
Wow, I just recently began to re-read the comic and it is CRAZY how much you've done. I could NEVER focus so much on ONE project like this, so I really admire you. Great art, Great characters, Great story!!:)
Oh jeezuz. No dog should have the right to look so ridiculously adorable picking its nose.<3 Skittlez and Mr.Genie are an adorable pair.

Not that i am not drooling from the wonderful bgs but still...
As always an excellent page, from the meticulous background detailing to the fine inking. The only thing that I would have to comment on is the second to last panel where Ren says "Since when is that part of your job?". The angle in that panel is a bit awkward, maybe you tilted it too much. Personally it looks like he stood up with his chair stuck in his bum(which i found hilarious till i realized that was not what you intended) Still, you're an endless inspiration, and im looking forward to seeing more of the new version.:3

I think I died a little from EXCITEMENT when I saw this on my list. I've been waiting so long for this comic to upload. Loving it, man, just loving it.<3

*dies of excitement* <3
Am I the only one who thought of a dirty joke when Dake said "Don't swallow!"?? >w>;.....
Oh sweet Neptune I think I almost cried with GLEE when I saw you updated.;__; Keith's uncle was a very big influence on his life huh?
Oh my god!D:> Poor kid!! I would call you a cruel bastard for killing the kid's parents(XD) but you have such an intriguing story! Only a few pages and i already love the characters. I seriously hope you update soon!:)