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Replaced Memory
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*-* fue hermoso! <3
*-* I like this comic~! please draw more >w< <3 <3
Clyde is so sexy with his taco lol~
ahaha this is so cute! XDDD
Luke knows everything 9w9
omg raep ;A;
nah, it won't be rape, cause I'm sure Ed will loooove it XDD
;_; can't believe is almost oveer~~ nooou
Liam is so handsome *-* ~!
awww, I love you ;__;!

Que los papeles se inviertan es algo que siempre me emociona XD! bien por Liam Seme! *_* ojojo!
*-* oh yeah, a blushing bishie.
I want to meet (?) haru's dad XD
I love you so much ;_;
asdfg, Shira became so cute and kind and and...different XD wooow, I really didn't imagine how it could be when he takes the initiative, but now that I see it, it seems so natural :3 good job!
KISSU!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
good luck on your exams! :D
the llama is in the wall *-*. haha, this is a nice comic! keep up the good work c:
yaaay! an update *_* , I was going crazy while waiting for a new page ;_;. Haru uke it's perfect, don't worry c:
*3* Haru's so cute ~
asdfg ;w; thanks for updating!
<3 omg, I want to see what happens next *-*
XDDD poor girl
lol shira's face~
Maybe Haru has Erectile dysfunction, and that's why he's still a virgin? I've been thinking that for a while now but...maybe I'm completely wrong xDUu [& if I'm right, I'm sure Shira will cure him~ <3] lol
uwu it's a shame vacations don't last forever *lazy* X3 don't worry, I'll wait for the new page : D
Omg noooo, ;w; I need to know what's next >w<