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October 14th, 2019
Extremely Impressed. Never thought I'd make an account to post a comment.
I've never made an account for a fanfic web comic site until I stumbled upon this comic on youtube. This is the one time where I can say this is by far, a well thought out and excellent perspective on the series by far. It changes a few things around that doesn't seem horribly out of place but keeps that general tone of steven universe without being Black Perl edgy or just the regular series in a non canon sort of way like Antifreeze. The characters are still convincing or at least fixes some of their flaws from the cartoon that I can support and keeps them fresh and at the same time not too alienated for fans of the show like me. While I'm never the one to like some of the dialogue, some of it comming out as something I can see a writer at CN making up for the script of Steven Universe. Theres enough mature content and swears to help keep me in and not feel like its more garnered towards children or at least pre-teens so intensively. Though, after the more recent update (#189-201ish) regarding Lapis and Paradot having dinner in Lapis' backyard with Steven sort of as the tension thickener as he catches them doing their thing and Paradot damage control. I can already sit there and think of course Paradot is going to try to downplay it and of course Lapis takes it the wrong way. Its always something that erks me the wrong way when it comes to romance dramas. Couple seen in minor/major compromising position, gets caught by a friend or family, one plays it off while the other takes it to heart and gets upset. While I know theres never exactly a lot of ways to further the plot in a romance drama, I sorta looked at that scene of events and can only think what any other sane person would have done. I mean it got the plot going and gave some really decent emotional parts later on going through these newest updates. Like I'm surprised Lapis just didn't tell her to just be upfront with him about it. It wasnt like they were being suddle or anything like that. You would think of all people, Lapis would have been at least wanting to tell someone her and Paradot knew about them being a thing and catching them was probably going to be the only time yet a little bit forced to explain to him abojt it and not let Paradot basically make an ass out of herself and just lie to stay face. Control the situation I guess would be the correct way to put it. I'll be honest, the art is just fanominal. No one could ever tell me otherwise, that part we got down pat. Color or no color, the shading, lighting, character placement and scaling, environment. Im sold on that aspect. The writing gets the job done. A little eh in some spots but people take situations differently and might have different ways of expressing it through speach and the diolague gets the point across and doesn't come out shallow or forced. It was just this latest arch this month were I question it slightly but seeing how its still getting updating very regularly compaired to others, I can hold my opinion on that for when the comic is complete or at least late enough where this current arch finishes and we see the outcome of it. Overall, fantastic job on this. Just keep at it, this is really something thats turning heads and giving peole a real solid story to read and get some emotions out of.