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I'm a developing manga-ka. ^_^ Soon, I'll be headed to IADT in Tampa, Florida, but for now I live in Wichita, Kansas. I also enjoy listening to music, eating pocky, hot chocolate, and the occasional sweet snow binge (ice cream).
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October 1st, 2006
A little bit more tone than really needed, but I like it~! The one character (Sean?) looks a bit much like Vash the Stampede. o.o; But enough to not warrant immediate vibes. ^^; At least the boys...actually look like boys. ^^;
Oops, I forgot to make comments on this page...I like how sad Bri looks in the first panel. And I wish the "sad vibes" had turned out better. >.< What she says there is one of the Guiding rules that Tien imposed on them when they first got their pendants. They are not allowed to "socialize" unless they are on a mission. Which is why Bri's friendship with Dai isn't such a good idea. If a god were so inclined, Bri would have had her pendant taken long ago.

I like the last three panels, too. How it breaks up and separates the words out into a pause. I think I learned something new today~!
What comes next...gah. ^^; lol, Joan right next to him. But how? I bet she's like, right up in his face. XD

I LOVE the first panel. The blue and the pretty. The sunrise matches Drake's eyes.
XDDDDDD lol, I'm just lmao at this. Joan is just...gah. XP You gotta love it. This page...I think this is my favorite page so far. ^__^
^^; My work makes me cringe NOW, to the point where I'm being yelled at left and right for self-depricating myself over it. ^^;

And ZOMG, has our lady Joan grown a heart for poor Teddy? She seems awfully concerned where before she'd wanted to drop him at the first opportune moment...hmmm....
This page went a little fast...>.> I'm sorrrrrrryyyyyyy! >.< What basically happened was that Lex and Bri started trying to get the riddle/letter that Dirken had left, and then Bri realized that he's after Dai. And Dai...being her adorable vampirely self is confused on how they drew that conclusion. ^^;

This may/may not be the last page for a bit, until I get myself moved and school started. I also may cut back on the updates to one page per week. ^^; Sorry!
Just in case you can't read my chicken-scratch, the letter reads:

Three little pigs built houses made of straw, stick, and stone. Each fell and the wolf devoured one whole.

The wolf wasn't quite full, so he ate one more. The eldest and weakest, as a true wolf should. Now, my Wolf-cub, wasn't that a pleasant tale?

But the wolf is still hungry...perhaps just one more?
The expression on Dai's face really did not go as planned...oh, well. >,< Can't change it now. BTW, since I'm uploading these beforehand, I'll just let you know now--"today" is the day that I move to FL. I am not sure when I will get my computer or when I will next have access to the internet and whatnot. Once this chapter ends in two pages, I may or may not update for a bit. Please be patient, m'kay? ^_^ I will be back! Promise!
Is the pacing okay on this page? o.o I wasn't really sure how to go about this...>.<
I really, really like how this page turned out. Bri in the window, the cabin was based off of a Lincoln Logs cabin. XD The clock is sort of an inside joke. Has anyone ever seen Once Upon a Forest? The old badger has a clock just like that one. I thought he was a vampire the first time I saw that movie, so the thought just struck when I started this page. You can guess what's in the Monday and Wednesday canisters when I say "vampire", right? ^^;

It seems I've made a few more fans! ^^; lol. I didn't expect to, really.

reSidheprincezzz: Thank you muchly! ^_^ I've been told my tones are really my strongest point--sharp eye! I'm glad you can understand the story, cause that seems to be my major problem is getting the story pacing sucks. ^^;

redoom Bubbles: I'm sorry for the confusion...I know it all hinges on my horrible pacing. .__. I am working harder to keep it more understandable. ^-^ Thank you for reading~!

reMetraWorley: Thank you SO much for the crit! So it was the characters who were the problem...meh. >.< I always DID move too fast. ^^; I'm attempting to slow it down...and pace it a bit more evenly. @__@ Wish me luck, cause I have almost no clue what I'm doing. XD
But I must comment...o.o...must! XD It is ritual for me. Or rather, I just like your story that much. ^_^()

Beau beau is just so, that reminds me of my cat. She likes to take my carrots from my plate and I always tell her she'll get sick! But she never listens...

...and if Drake trusts her, that may spell trouble...o.o...I'm with Joan on this one.
Her eye seems very similar to Joan's to me...o.o Is there some connection? Awesome page (sorry I missed commenting on the last...X__X it was awesome-possom).
Oooh...I love this story so far, I'm definitely faving. Well done on all accounts. ^-^
YAAAAAAY update! Aw...Bo looks so pitiful. Go cheer him up with a kiss, AK.
Teddy looks so I feel after only two hours sleep and the damn alarm clock kicks me outta bed. XD And I love how Drake's all "oops!" but I bet he didn't really forget...XP
And so we begin chapter four...our cover this time is of a different character who will be introduced in the chapter. Since she is the title character, I figured it only proper. The black tears she cries is actually blood. ^_^
...I wanted to introduce my finalized versions of the fortales, but I couldn't really find a way to do that with this plotline. The pace is going really weird as it is. >.<

So, a little lesson on the Zero Zone is in order! The Zero Zone is this area between the dimensions, neither a dimension itself or really a place at all. Some people say it doesn't exist at all. But then, there are the two kinds of creatures that live there--dimensional dragons like Mishu (there are four species) and the fortales, which are kitty-puppy-fox-like critters with four tales and the ability to predict the future.

They also guard the individual Doors in the Hall of Doors.

From the Zero Zone, you can get to any dimension in the universe--even to another universe if anyone could find out how. But thing is, you rarely ever find what you're really looking for going this route. That's why the Hall of Doors was built. ^_^
Even though we'll probably see him in later chapters, I figured ya'll ought to see the face of the man who haunts Bri. Yeah, the Pink Is Manly guy is Dirken. The woman beside him is Donald, and is his closest companion. The third figure in the background will remain a mystery for now--don't wanna ruin the plot. But I did want to visually point out that there is another antagonist who hides basically in the shadows. ^__^ Enjoy--Dirken is my absolute favorite baddy.
Oh, God, I love this! ^__^ Estabilishing shots (for whatever darn reason) are my favorite things to look at (and splash pages). Joan looks awesomely...albeit a little sad. Beau beau is a cute little horsey once again!

...I'm wondering about the presence of the wrecked car. My writer's instincts are sniffing at it most apprehensively. *sniff sniff* Or maybe that's my allergies...XD
I leave forever, it seems, and suddenly all these updates...X___X KYAAAAAA, so cute! ^__^ lol, y'know...I still have this little theory goin' in my head that Kai is her childhood friend and that the reason her parents had to kill his parents is cause they saw something they shouldn't have, but her parents were running away...

Yes, I have long-winded theories that rarely turn out to be true. XP