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You have done such a good job showing what a first love is like. All the smooches and cuteness and how happy they are! You have done such a good job on this comic, from the lighting to the writing! Thank you so much for posting I'm so excited to see more!
I am so in love with this. Your art feels so alive and in movement, and I love the colours you've chosen for all of this because it really feels drought-y and beautiful. It reminds me on my parent's place in cali and all the deserts there. This is amazing.
Its 2017 and in rereading this one comic I was like, why the fuck is alex in this strip? but nope, blonde Jord.
I'm so glad we all got to hear from you. I've been waiting and hoping to hear something, but I usually don't reach out to others much.

I do want to say though that I've been reading JH for...A long time. Definitely through high school and probably before. This comic has always given me a world to turn to when mine was too much. When I was struggling and feeling alone and everything was terrible I would stay up and read and reread JH. This comic, and you, have gotten me through some of the harshest moments of my life just by me being able to read this world and fall in love with all these characters.

I've rarely felt more intensely linked and entwined with a fictional universe before, save maybe Harry Potter.

Thank you for all your work Roy, thank you for all the hours and days and years you've spent making other people feel loved and accepted and not alone. Thank you for helping make me who I am and giving me friends when I thought I'd never have another one again.
I wanna be Tweety when I grow up.
Thank all that is good and pure.
Someone teach Winter the Miss America wave pls.
Congrats on TopCow! This is gonna be so rad for you!
Tweety looks like the quintessential "too hot and cool for this shit" anime girl and it makes me so happy deep down in my feelings place.
aaaahhhhhhh! its all so pretty and well done! I was trying to find one thing to compliment but its all so amazing! You have outdone yourself!
There is honestly nothing I love more in character development than someone making good healthy choices. Jules A+++
@Knock_Faery: 100% agree. Relationship gaps like this make me feel icky about it. And like, you're allowed to be sqicked out by whatever. It's how you feel.

Micah wasn't abusive, just rough with Tweety, and Tweety never told him he didn't like it rough, so Micah assumed that Tweety liked it because he always came back.

So..Almost like...Abusive by omission I guess?
@What-The-Dickens: See I agree here one hundred percent. I want everyone happy and comfortable, but for the buhjeebies, please someone just tell Micah Diamond what's up and not just...Ignore him and act like he's satan.
No, ok, I don't even feel bad about this, poor Micah man. Will someone, ANYONE, just talk to him about how they're feeling? Like this guy has honestly not done anything wrong, ever. He just like, always does what he thinks people want of him, and no one tells him otherwise, and then everyone hates him and he has no idea why. I feel so bad for Micah all the time. The poor baby.
I was just talking about how I wanted to splurge on Mars Volta shirts and then from there get myself a Glyptodon, BTLXR, and a Mac Brazel Experience shirt so I mean, I'll buy almost anything you put up to be honest.
Can I just say that Tweety's transformation, both physically and emotionally as a person is one of my favorite things about this comic. Like, hot damn I am so amazed at how much I love her now.
I've been reading this comic since about 2008 ish, maybe even before that, and I have to say, seeing this page literally made me tear up.
Seeing all the babies so grown up and big ugh I'm so happy.
I mean like, they hang out and stuff first, so it starts about here and intensifies from there.
but if you mean romantically uhhh uhh

HAHA YES. My second read-through was useful!
I'm so glad you have that opinion about Mai. My boyfriend and I are in our early 20s and we have both decided for various reasons that we DO NOT want to reproduce(he has extreme depression and I have anxiety and depression and a risk of schizophrenia), so I empathize with Mai. The want to not be a mother I can identify with, and being pushed into something to keep someone else happy, to give them what they feel they need to be happy, even at ones own expense. It's an awful feeling, and I'm more glad that she was upfront about it finally instead of spending all day cooped up in a house with a baby she didn't want. That's how awful things happen(not that I'm saying they would, but people do crazy things when under extreme stress). I'm so glad she has such a wonderful family to help Joshua. I just hope, like you said, one day she and Bernard can be happy.

I cannot stress enough David, you're an amazing person, and you are exactly who Joshua needs. There is no one better for him, even through all your fear, and the fact that you're doing this, with such open and loving arms, and doing the best you can, even through your trepidation is amazing, and I hope you know you're doing amazing.
I don't think any of us can really judge Mai, because none of us are her, none of us know what she's going through or why she feels this way, she might not even know. But, she did what she did, and its incredibly lucky for Bernard that he has such amazing family like David, and that someone is there to love and care for Joshua when she can't.
No one knows how they will react to having a child, and I certainly can't blame her for what she did.
I've done so many things to try to make those that I loved happy, things that in the end hurt myself or others, but I did it because I was so desperate for the love of someone.
So I really don't think we can judge Mai for what she's done, and I think over time the hardest judge of her and what she's done will be herself.
David, you're an amazing person, one of the best humanity has to offer in my opinion, and I applaude you for all that you're doing, not only for Joshua and Bernard, but for Mai as well.