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I'm just this guy, you know?

Comic Sans makes me angry.
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    Wait, what? You mean your real name isn't "x_ssj4sephiroth_x" ?
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@kidcthulhu - Glad you caught it, Cthulhu!

@RazorD9 - Could be a lot worse, right?

UP-UP-UPDATE! Page 2 of 2!

Thanx 4 reeding!
UP-UP-UPDATE! Page 1 of 2!
Update 2.5 of 2.5! Stay tuned for more later this week.
It's an update! Page 2 of 2.

More to come! Thanks for reading!
It's an update! Page 1 of 2.
@Switzerland - I know! It's unheard of! Anyway, to answer your question, it will not be the definite end or anything but it might be a good temporary stopping point. I will leave it at that for now!

@filiasan - Well, technically Eric does own Darkblade! He was ORIGNAL CHARACTER COPYRIGHT DO NOT STEAL
Woop woop, Eric stepping it up. More pages in the future!!
@BuddyT - Jajajaja!

@kidcthulhu - Thanks! I always wanted to do one of those manga "everyone is shocked all at once" type pages.

@filiasan - You got the right idea, filiasan!
Another page! More comin' soon, son!
I bet you saw that one coming. More pages coming later this week!
5/30 update page 3 of 3! Make sure you go back and read the other two if you haven't yet.

While I've got your attention, we got a new fanart on the fanart page! This time it's by Kid Cthulhu and it features Luffinpuff having a good ol' squee over the characters from the webcomic Tangentville. It's super cute so check it out if you like cool things! Kid Cthulhu ftagn!

Have a good weekend, Luffinpuffers!
5/30 update page 2 of 3!
GUH-WHA? I'm just as surprised as you are!

5/30 update page 1 of 3!
@joanne kaye - I think the madly part is right, not sure about the rest!

@filiasan - I know it looks like a lot, but I just timed myself reading it, and even with a slow Southern drawl, I clocked in at about 1 minute 20 seconds. It can be done!

@scribe_drizz - Yeah buddy!
Enter Mama Luffinpuff! Pinching ears and taking names! But who is she talking about?!
@joanne kaye - Anime tested, mother approved!
In this installment, Ludwig runs his mouth and a mystery guest grabs his ear.

More pages coming soon!