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Likes food,video games,Sonic,Megaman,Pokemon
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Eight fans
@zenat the reason he probably doesn't have much friends in warden as they probably blame him for the death of much of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden as they couldn't blame the good King Cailan for being a idiot trying to be a hero. So that is most likely why the Hero of Ferelden is his only freind
I find it funny how the Samson one is the closest one to being romantic
@Amare: Neat

Good luck with getting your master degree
Quick someone freeze me then unfreeze when DA:I comes out. So unfreeze me on the 21st

So looking forward to play but then I'm like shit I've got college

BTW are you a chemist because that is rad.
I was quite annoyed with Leandra as she expected everything to be given to her. I really hated her when she was berating Gamlen for losing the house as all I could think about was how she left.

I really wish there was a way for your Hawke to not really care about her death as the Arishock death was more moving than hers.

Also wish there was a way to invite Gamlen to live with you.
Loghain is awesome
I got Loghain on my Amell playthrough and was so happy I did because he is brilliant.

I think the reason why he is more relaxed is that he is just a simple soldier again. As in my mind Loghain can fight and plan like the best of them. But as soon as you make him do politics he is out of his comfort zone as he has being around soldier all his life so he would expect everyone to act like that.
You could make a squeal to this about how a male jedi escapes the law by having a sex change
Are those two like father and daughter?
You're not alone.
My dear artist you are not alone in you being a Loghain fan. In my first play through as a Dick City Elf even I saw where Loghain was coming from as King Cailan was an idiot as he was planning to ride into battle, a battle he could die in, without a succesor to inherit the throne. He didn't even have a royal aid to stand in for him. That and he was such a spoilt brat in my personal opinion. However Loghain still died by my Blade as Alister became a close freind to my Elf the first human freind he had and he didn't want to ruin it.

However with my second playthrough as an Amell I saw things in a different light as I saw it from Loghains point of view: He was letting Orlians back into the country he spent most of his life fighting to reclaim the land. But then I made a different choice I made him a warden. From there I learnt more about the so called monster about his past, life and his thoughts. To me it seemed like a man who just wanted to keep his country safe but didn't know how.

On another note THANK THE MAKER that Calian did die as I did the Return to Orstagar with Loghain and found out what Calin was going to do. That little bastard selling out the country (the country his father spent most of his life fighting for) and cheating on his wife.
Forte's swords suck they aren't doing anything.
I am really loving the Double act of Forte and Enker
@contradiction123: That Brock is a ladies man.
"Atticus and George but come back from the future"...That would be awesome.
Congratulations! Best wishes on your future.
Now that is a evil smile.
I want to get a picture but I don't know how to do it. Please tell me how.
They'll dress as if he was the side-kick. Or just put him in a dress and high heels. Either way will be funny.
I don't get this, please explain.
Aww they're still BFF!
But I thought William was dead.
What surpises have you in store for us Alexis_Royce?
So going to enjoy the moment when Sonic is(
A) Crippled
(B)Isn't fast anymore
(C)Loses a race to someone (Other than Shadow)