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This past week was spent trying my darndest not to fail Psychology. Let's hope it paid off~

I'll update the character page with Wally & Ralts sometime between now and the next update.
@Mattypoo92: Thank you! That means a lot. All compliments do, really, but ones like yours and Zt2maniac's make my day pretty hard. I am considering creative prospects for my future.

I wish I could keep a standard schedule, but being in college and attempting to have somewhat of a social life make this difficult to do. I do, however, try my darndest to update at least once per week. I haven't failed yet!
If you want an easier way to stay up-to-date with my updates, I'd recommend setting up a Smackjeeves account. There are plenty of other awesome comics on the site, and SJ tells you each time they update. :)
@Zt2maniac: I see what you mean. Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum have basically been the same games as the others, only with more cream filling. BW2 is set 2 years after BW, with all-new characters and an entirely different story.
@Zt2maniac: Wow, thanks! That's probably the greatest compliment I've gotten yet. You may become my protege, but I must warn you, the road is tough and fraught with danger. Are you a bad enough dude to be my protege?

BW2 is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY worth buying. I would suggest playing BW1 first though, if you haven't, as there are a lot of references to the first and I feel that I got more out of it after playing through White 1.
There's an insane amount of things to do, the amount of Pokemon you can catch early on is higher than ever, and the new areas are some of the coolest I've seen in any game so far.
@SirBisharp: Yeahhhh, my DS clock is a bit off, to say the least...
@Princess_Eevee9: My current playtime is at around 55 hours. I got it Sunday...
@Haunshaul: Is it equally lame if I do that too? >_>
New chapter! Look, guys, it's all mysterious and junk!

<img src="">
@RedJac: I will never, ever, ever place myself into this comic. But I am considering a few different scenarios for a side comic that may or may not involve a self-sprite.
@Princess_Eevee9: Magnezone and Electivire are both awesome electric-types, don't get me wrong. But this first run of White 2 has been kind of a "favorites run" for me. Ampharos was on my very first Gold team a decade ago, and it's stuck with me since. She's also been improved quite a bit, with Power Gem, Fire Punch, and Signal Beam. Her Static ability has also saved my hide more times than I can count. :)

Honestly, Black & White 2 have improved so much in the series that it's hard for me to even explain. The areas are the most diverse, the gyms are the most well-designed. Not to mention the insane amount of Pokemon you can catch before you even reach the halfway point. It's such an incredible game and it's hard not to call it my new favorite in the series, despite having been a hardcore Gold/Emerald fan for most of my life.
Chapter 2: Finished!
It took a few more pages than I had hoped, but I'm happy with how this chapter turned out.
Good stuff happens next chapter. Stay tuned~

And after a week of constant playing, I've finalized my White 2 team:
<img src=""> ;
@Drakeflame13: Fullmetal Alchemist was too long, and "Edward" didn't seem cool enough.
@Hammerbro22: I just started yesterday. :P
The character page has been updated to include Angel & Scott, as well as some backgrounds to each profile.

In other news:
<img src=""> ;
@.:AuraX:.: Touché, touché, and me neither but damn do I want it.
@.:AuraX:.: Xenoblade Chronicles, New Little King's Story (Vita), OH! Plus you guys get the new Pikachu 3DS XL... >_> Want.
@.:AuraX:.: On the bright side, you guys get plenty of things long before the U.S. :P
Oh jeez, I pick up my pre-order for Pokemon White 2 tomorrow. Beyond excited. <3

Sorry for the delay, college sucks sometimes.
I'll just leave you guys with this~
<img src="">
@ParaFox: I'd say it's fairly popular, I think 77 fans is the most I've had on any comic I've ever made and I've been comicing for around 4 years. :) Thanks for the support!