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This is STILL getting comics? Jesus christ.
Oh gawds
I can't believe how old this stuff is... XD
Hol-ee shit.
Remember a 'shrazer', about 3-4 years ago? xP

My, and I thought you abandoned this. I need to finish reading up on Normalcy is for Wimps and catch up on this!
Another reason why Shadow is epic!
Another reason why the comics aren't very good. XD
I could finish 'em in a day XD

AND FIX THE MUUUUSIC. I'm sneaking on when I'm supposed to be asleep! XD
Epic joke; not so epic location
I had the Windows Classic look because it takes less CPU and I was playing Spore: Galactic Adventures; aka Spore Expansion Pack: The CPU Hog.
Oh boy XD
How many reasons (*cough* Hedgehogs *cough*) is Sarah gonna give Shrazor to kill him? XD

oo The actual comic also reminded me of Rose from Two and a Half Men.

EDIT: Xav, Manuel, y'know I could help with 6 Years Later. o.O I never sprite or make comics any more because I don't have reason to.
Amy's too young anyways. XD

Especially since Sonic Team keeps the characters the same age. o.o
Oh god XD
Perfectly truthful. Tails doesn't really seem to know anything about Sonic that the whole public knows, and Knuckled doesn't seem to like him very much.

And Shadow... well.... XD
For Windows Vista:

For Windows XP:

That's all there is to it.
And it was an expansion pack... XD
Sonic's expression in the first panel is oddly funny.
*pulls on Sonic's quills as well* X3
The same day Spore: Galactic Adventures came out!

...Well, was supposed to. I got it yesterday. XD
"XD Ignore Sixaxis, she's just alittle pissy over everything. "

The NAME is Shenzi. TT

And I'm only criticizing for the sake of making things better.

"*to Shenzi Sixaxis* i'm still learning how to save to PNG. for now, i only know how to save as JPEG"

:/ What program are you using?