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Hi my name is Ash
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This is the second comic that has ever made me cry ;_; Awesome work!
Little error
I don't get how the plane almost hit them? They were just watching the plane coming in, while standing to the side of it. The plane would have had to make a ninety degree turn to come land right in front of them and almost hit them, and large planes like that cannot make ninety degree turns. D: If, on the previous page, you drew the plane facing them, instead of drawing it from a side view, it would work out.
Just read through all of it today x)
I love your style a lot! And your chibis are especially cute haha.
A very nice comic; an enjoyable read. (:
Wasn't quite expecting that ending and the suddenness of it, haha. Poor heroes!
Really, really liked it x) Great job!