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I'm into drawing, reading, all that stuff. Uuuh, i dunno, i'm a pretty plain person to say the most.
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My dog miki does this a lot. I go to the toilet for a minute and he's sitting on the ddr mat. I tell him not to do it and when i roll the ddr mat at night and go to sleep, he pees on it -_-
skants (skirt and pants)
kidding, i was wearing tight jeans under a black gown i covered with an office shirt-thing. @-@ i was wearing like 4 layers or something.
first off, really sorry this one came out crappy. I drew this on my big drawing pad, so it didn't fit my scanner, had to 'improvise'.
Second, this filler's here cause i really don't have any ideas as to what i should draw next, apologies on that part, the usual writer's block.
Third, this was what i wore to prom nite, believe it or not.
Fourth, no i do not look like that, as much i wished it.
Photoshopped it
tried colouring this comic strip. Any comments on how this one turned out compared to the last ones? Do you think i should keep colouring or should i go back to the old black and white strips?

Feedback appreciated!
Loving your comic
Loooove this cooomiiic! Your art is awesome!
Just one page is never enough for me when it comes to your comic XD. Keep up the good work
*is a girl*
uh, just to make it clear, cause i just saw this, but i drew myself like a dude, i'm a dudette. XP
thanks first commenter ^^