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Comedian, artist, and not much else.
OH NO IT WAS AN ELEPHANT... poor baby. :ccc
Oh dang! I was literally thinking just today "hmm, wonder when TPOH is coming back!"

Also congrats RGB, you have found... a rock
Hmm... same speed but opposite direction, it would, relative to the ground, go as far as the train does in a set amount of time, but relative to the TRAIN, it would go twice as far.
....I get that's not what's being asked here, but I just finished a physics class OTL.
"Chapter no wait it's too soon for this part" I'M INCLINED TO AGREE. IS THAT...IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE RGB? Or are we all just so used to him being the only one with detailed hands that we just assume it's him....
But... WE'RE reading this...story... oh dear. Does this mean that when the comic ends, that means the apocalypse of all stories comes...?

(Also- congrats on 300 pages!!)
Oh. I... was not expecting those names to be listed as Heroes... I might have to go and reread their introductions now.
Hey again!
Sorry for the huge gaps in updates. 8I I have all this chapter thumbnailed out, but I have so much work that the pages take aaaages to get done.
The scariest old lady. :O
So, it's been a while
I'm still alive! And so is this comic; I don't get that much time to work on it, but you'll still get pages, don't worry. c:
Ok, so, it looks like my updates Sundays schedule is... not as easily stuck to as I thought, and as it turns out, starting a webcomic before I graduated school might not have been the best idea. As of right now, the update schedule is now "updates whenever I finish a page, probably 1 page a week".
For those wondering, that position IS incredibly uncomfortable to sit in, and he probably only caught the phone on the last ring. And then fell out of his recharge station as soon as she hung up.
Welp, if I've set this up right, then it should be posting on Sunday a week from now. So. Hello, from last Monday! Unless I didn't do it right, and you are looking at this on said Monday. In which case, uh. Don't read this page, because I messed up and you aren't supposed to see it yet.
Alt text starts on this page. c: I'll also add silly comments here occasionally, and answer any questions you guys have. X3
Page 1
And so the redo of my old comic, Crusade, begins! I believe this one has a much better plot and such planned. c: And goodness, do I have a lot planned. There will be several pages of prologue up, and the first page of chapter 1, and after that, the comic will update every Sunday!
Oh my god, the faces in this page are the best. Quence in panel 2 and Ohm in the last one, omfg.
*raises eyebrows* Is that... a Transformers reference I spy???
Judging from the amount of witches and the "trouble in the Americas", I'd say that it's maybe the Salem witch trials?
First normal page! c:
This is the last of the storybook pages! (At least, for a long long time, at least- I can't think of when I'll need em again.) Normal pages coming... presently! c: