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Not much to say about me. I'm a 15 year old currently doing GCSE Art, History Italian and Music. I live in England and love to roleplay 8D
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Remember me gaiz ;D
Meh, got bugged to do this so here it is <: Gonna try and be slightly more active now >_>
HEY! New style 8D
Totally fine by me, as you should know ;D
Even more reason to be scared of a monster if it has a weapon! D8
It could be more dangerous if it doesn't know how to use it >_>
Awesome tastic page 8D
*really needs to get one done soon*
Hurray for doggies that aren't deformed in any way!!!
Hah xD
Carlos kicks ass and you know it. You look very sceptical xD Whilst I'm just like "lol, need my beard"
Oh shi--

Yeah, saw your guys cosplaying on DA ;D
Gave it a shot myself. Even though I'm a girl trying to look like a guy >_> Yeah, my persona is the opposite gender 8D

Editted in photoshop for blood, darkness, eyes and hair.

Oh, God.
That just made lol so much.
The expressions are absolutely FANTASTIC!
Nyahahahahahah!! I have returneddddd. First comment in ages, since I've been on holiday in Greece with no internet access at all xD;;;

You did an awesome job with Carlos <3 A lot of people I know say he's a pain in the ass to draw. *shrug*

Really awesome page <3 Now I can demonstrate Carlos' severe fear of wild animals 8D <3
Just my first proper page really xD

Doodled 3 panels earlier today and I couldn't think of anymore ideas aside from this for now. See how suckish my comic skills are? Hopefully I'll be able to improve.

Last panel ftw. Sniffer dogs ftw.
@Lareine; You'll see more like this, Carlos is the Lord of one-liners that manage to get stuck in your head 8D

@fishfilet; Yush 8D They could. I think she would be one of the only people Carlos could stand. Impatient git, he is.
@xkrazydog; Loalz xD I haven't actually played any SH games aside from "The Room" Trying to get my hands on 2 and 3 soon. Instead... I just read up on them on Wikipedia and stoof 8D

But yeah xD If you like those typical "I'm so bad ass but really I'm a little wuss" character, this is your guy xD
First ever post on smackjeeves.
I blame Ruth entirely for making me join.

Yeah. His name is Carlos A. Burgundy. He's a complete noob when it comes to stuff like this. Always curious and let's not forget... Scared of everything.

He was bit stupid and bought a new appartment situated in Silent Hill. And here he is looking for a shop or something.

Oh yeah. I don't usually rush things like this xD This was done in a matter of 2-3 hours maybe. Just wanted to get it out of the way before I go to France.
Told you it would be better if you altered the colours ;D

Very nice page, Ruth <3I lol at RV and the double heads xD Your maker work is awesome <3

Gonna try and get my character intro/first page done soon xD I is lazy so I combine them ;D xD
Lovely 8D Death wiiiiiiish xD
Awesome style you got 8D

...Damn, still need to finish my intro.