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my other account is girlwithacape. check it out for lots of fun comics!!! ^^
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i wanna have his super power! to be able to appear out of nowhere!!!
uh.. I guess
1. square root of 3
2. 7
3. 38
wow. thats really good. whats her link to her comic? btw your comic rocks!!!!
eternal gift sounds cool.
ahhh.. *cries* so lovely. i love how you did this story. very nice, *claps hands*
i want to fav it but im having trouble finding the fav button.
im scared. have you been spying on me and my friends? they act just like us...
it isn't funny how alike i am to her. i was exactly like her in 6th grade. i did nothin in homeroom so i doodled, i had this one friend who would copy my homework, had weird dreams, and loved sweatshirts. i also had the same low poney, blue jeans, sneakers.... weird. im still like that. except now and then i were flats, and do my hair in different ways... still doesn't change with the rest though.
the poor goblin, bird thingy.
Yasha Kitsune
February 13th, 2009
really like the way you did the arm in the last panel.
awwww! his expression is so cute in the first panel.
i've returned!!! love?

i love it!!!!!
i wish i could draw hands like that.
awwww. i'll wait for it! (loyal fan) your art is amazing so who wouldn't!!! need to buy that book. *looks through her money, which is none.*
Yasha Kitsune
November 14th, 2008
continue! continue! continue!!!!! pretty please!!!
WHOO-HOO! *NOSE BLEED.* HE'S BACK. YAYYYY! ILL STUDY UNDER YOU!! ( lov your comic and art by the way.)
obsession much? i wuv it!!!! your good. *fidgets* I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!
i like the detail you add. where can i read this poem?
only if you tell us where and update here too.