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Hi my name is Dez. I like manga, anime, shonen-ai, sleepin, video games, flyin, floatin in water. There's more. Ask about me and you shall receive. . .
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Super besties for life! Very open 4 some1 hiding in a cave.
Wonder what he looks like n color
Its like sm1 put his navel btwn a rock and a hard place Lol
Date. Hugs. 1st kiss. moving pretty fast. What nxt real life marriage and kids?
I think i missed smthn. Is he adopted?
Guest of Honor
January 25th, 2015
Didn't he just take a shower?
Do his horns rotate so he can sleep comfortably?
Not only do thy want info & knowledge, thy wanted ur ears . . . and took thm!
U look surprised she can do that. But "It's n her file!" ce=univ&sa=X&ei=9EeBVLL6G4WiyQTB-oHABg&ved=0CC8Q7Ak&biw=360&bih =592#facrc=_&imgrc=ZKBHvqGemM0bTM%253A%3B0p4V-iRDOlPYdM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fcd
@Rip: ok but it resembles a little from the back
Whhhaaattt? Cloud has a brother?
Lol. 4gv me but I thought she was talking abt boob implants. Must read all the way through. Lol
Love his outfit. Would look better if he wore a fedora. Brings a more gangsta look since he's the "the negotiator".
Prince is riding side-saddled. Ha
@Rip the Hunter:
It seems like 2 ppl butbut smtimes I type reg. frm the computer & short hand it frm the phone.
@Rip the Hunter:
Not drunk. Short hand. Impatient whn it cm 2 typin :-)
You've truly created a world within this story.
Y r ur eyes constantly closed? He's not blind.
Thr is a description n drawing manga abt certain personalities with their eyes always closed. 4gt wht it was. Help.
Father has blue eyes. Mother? has purple eyes....hmmm