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I like...a lot of stuff? |D
*geek stuff
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I remember seeing these characters browsing through DA/the DW championship and just outtanowhere came across this on smackjeeves-how does not more people like this?? ITS REAL GOOD. I really cant wait for more;; This really motivates me to keep developing my own Digimon thing
AAAH stuff makes so much more sense now~
WELL am still eagerly waiting for the adventure so gogogo~! /faithfully watching
Aaaaah~ I keep checking this comic once n a while and really excited for it~ course, cant wait to see them pokemen too~
hope your comp. gets fixed/buys new one soon ovo
And he left...
hard blow to innocent childish lil Taka.
And now
the next page~
Little eevee Ev doesnt seem as annoying as he is now, hmmm
So I suddenly
been feeling like working on this comic pretty bad.
Even though I have plenty of other things to work on instead...
I really want to draw this comic-and I promised myself not to post any new pages unless I has atleast a few more pages lined up-and now I do!
Anyway, dunno if anyone still reading this but here we go!
Let's hope this turns into a Taka revival!
Man, I reached the last page ;O;
Please update soon~! (though I guess I shouldn't be the one talkin ehe ;;)
Real neat to see that someone else had the idea of special eyes for the sake of bishie poke gijinkas <|D If we both ever get back to regular updating, maybe we should try somethin together~ that would be cool ovo

CMON YOU CAN DO IT /cheers on
Yeah, these next pages will sporadically be coming in now. Hopefully this new digital blue pagestyle is more appealing~

...ohohoh, who knew these two were friends~
YEAH WELL, decided to finally get back around to maybe trying to keep this updated again (after what, 3 year haitus?)
Sorry for the bad quality of this one-got a new and really crappy scanner. I wanted to keep doin the same handrawn thing for the rest of this chapter to keep it uniform but Im so sorry-this quality scanner is so bad Im going to switch over to finishing these pages online now.

ANYWAY, dun expect anyone to actually be back here reading this but enjoy anyway~ We'll hope that at least this chapter finished up soon ovob
Ha, I'm not overloading you guys with info, am I~? |D
I realized there seems to be a lot of explanation dialog lately >>;
(Itll end soon-I swear!)

Anyway, enjoy mini Taka,Lu, and Ev~
Wow, doesn't this page look intense somehow?
I desperately needed to establish what time of day it was now, where we were, etc.
it ended up looking like this |D
hope it makes sense to you guys~

could that be Nurse Joy-YOUNGER!?
(maybe yes or maybe no~)
Sorry about the major delay in this one >>;
End of first quarter, so you know what that means-
time to turn in all that late homework~!
So Ive been a bit busy >>;
A day late...
but who's checking? XP
Enjoy, let's hope this new improved quality keeps up~!
I sure hope what Tokis saying is easy enough to understand o-o;
@Cake-Making: haha, thanks~ Im glad no one thinks "oh, she got lazy there didnt she?" XD;

@Sato_chu_chan: I am VERY happy you get the pedo vibe from Toki. (he's actually been a long time char. of mine and I love him to death)
yay~ and Clair is doing his part in cuteness~
I'm getting back on track~!
Though, I need to do some serious comic drawing this next weekend |D;
Anyway, DO ENJOY~!
Taking my time arent I?
Again, sorry for the delay-you may all shoot me now -.-;
So here's the next page! I feel like the quality is getting a little better, hopefully?

On other news, still havent been able to catch a glimpse at the new pokemon games yet! Seen it everywhere but havent seen someone play it yet ;0; hope they translate it soon!
(haha, somewhat of a game nerd here too-i actually just went to the Tokyo Game Show! one reason why this page is so late...)

PS. Piercy is the rapidash's name if you couldnt tell >>;
Yes, well, another page up! Sorry that this is a very slowp updated comic, but this is still reaching my goal of a page a week at minimum ^^;

Sometime when I have enough free time, Ill get those other comics Ive mentioned up an running...
Is the quality
getting worse? I cant really tell...
maybe I should just worry about scanning it nicely the first time through.
Anyway, another page~! Wonder what kind of relationship these two share~?

Heads up, I'll be starting a small minicomic project soon. Few of the strips drawn, not scanned, and quality might be less (will be updated at random intervels)and be about my daily life stuff~ like a comic journal :D

....but dont forget about this comic oo;;
Sorry again,
for the slow progress of this comic.
School has started, so I'm busy like crazy right now.
(Also have some other comic ideas around in my head-as soon as I have time I actually have the first *crappy* chapter to one of them already~)

Anyway, please stick with me!
'till next week~
These updates...
...seem to be getting longer and longer.
I'm sorry all, school just started for me over here. BUT, don't fret! I have anticipated this, so I have plenty of pages ready to scan and update so-
I'll still be updating at least once a week~!