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...I am however you want to picture me.... perferablly with clothes. I have many hobbies that don't include interaction with society and my job is none of your business.
Though I did just get my hair cut and I just got a new job... YOU'LL NEVER KNOW!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out*
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i love this comic.
I wish it'd update.
i love you're art style.
It fits the story. ^^
I'm excited.
I love this comic.
<3 I love this comic
I love his face.
April 5th, 2010
he's is so cute.
i enjoyed reading all of those
i love this comic. ^__^
February 22nd, 2010
he is very cute..
I am sad to see him cry though.
why is his pocket glowing ?
i luv ur art ^^
i love it
second to last panel reminds me of when i finished my senior paper
glad the party was good.
nuuuu ur taller than me
by *checks height* 4 inches!!!
i love that spider.
i love this comic more though :3
i'd want a commission.

i love that rattata
but it would scare me too. XD
how old will you be?

any who YAY you're done!!!
glad it's almost over.

i like the picture too