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I can't find anything interesting about me to say, but my hope is to make you have a good moment with the comic I want to make. I'm friendly and like all critics, so feel free to do your own comments to me without hesitation. Anything else you need two know I guess you'll know when it's time, I can't think of anything else now.
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Well, now that this is back, I'd like to discuss a bit the roadmap for this webcomic.
From now on, it'll be updated once monthly, the last Sunday of every month, so the next update will be the last Sunday of June.
Much like today, each update will be a bulk of pages, instead of the single weekly page from 6 years ago.
In any case, I hope this comic is to your liking, see you around!
This is back... I guess?
@WindowMaker: I didn't explain myself properly, I apologize. By giving it closure I meant just answering the question, and not ending the story there.
Just in case it takes ages for me to return, I thought that maybe it was best to answer the question now, but the original plan was to answer that a lot later, so do I give the answer now or when I planned it, considering I'd make it there.
0303 - "Agony"
Welp, took my sweet time, but here it is, a new update! I'll try to have the next one a bit sooner than this, but since we're back, it would be great to have a talk with my most dedicated readers, that decided to still hang around, which I'm so grateful for, because I don't deserve it.

So, after a long time of hiatuses, life ups and downs, I decided that for the time being, I cannot continue with this comic. Of course, what happened up until now it's barely the tip of the iceberg, there are plenty of stories for Johnny and co yet to tell, but I feel I can't continue with this. After this chapter is done, this will be on hold pretty much indefinitely, I'm not even sure I'll re-take the work ever again, so I don't want to promise anything I'm not sure I'll be able to deliver.

Having said that, I think you at least deserve this choice. There's a strip coming in the future that could be the perfect place to give the answer that titles this webcomic of mine, to give it in a way some sort of closure. Needless to say, this wasn't the original plan, but it's somewhat fitting, so my question to you dedicated fans is, should I give the answer at that point? Do you prefer the mystery? Or maybe perhaps you think waiting for an unlikely return is something you rather do?

Maybe in a year or two my wires crosses again, and I just get back to it, but again, I can't promise, right now, all I want to do is to wrap this chapter and start doing something different, and I don't know how long that will take, so, the choice is yours, you want me to answer the most important question of this story early, or do you want to hold on, hoping this can continue in the future?

Just make a comment bellow and I'll decide by majority of individual votes.

Love you all - EF
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 12
And, with this, this silly crossover is finally over! Thank you for your patience all this time, I promise to have real updates soon enough, in the meantime, don't forget to check out the original work at:

I'll be back next Monday possibly with a new update for the real comic and we can continue with Johnny and co. misadventures!

Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 11
Almost finished with this madness, I hope you enjoyed the ride!
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 10
Almost finished with this!

Check out Kiwi Day N at:
Extra - Kiwi Day N crossover 09
I forgot to update yesterday, my apologies, here's the current one!

Don't forget to check out the original work at:
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 08
Here's today page, I hope you like it.

Real comic coming soon!

Read Kiwi Day N at:
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 07
Continuing with this silly crossover, featuring Kiwi Day N, made by ColdFusion

Read the original work here:
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 06
New crossover page! Regular comic to return afterwards.
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 05
New page for this crossover, check the original work at:
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 04
Continuing with this weird crossover that probably got you scratching your head about what it is.

Find out more at
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 03
Third page of this weird crossover, hope you like it!

Read the original work at:
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover 02
Page two of this crossover. Next one tomorrow.
Extra Story - Kiwi Day N Crossover
So, here we are again, another year, another huge ass hiatus. I'm sure this ain't what you expected for a return, but it's been long promised, so I wanted to complete this before continuing.
So, as previous crossovers, characters from another webcomic visit Leslie's store, and this time, it's the turn of Kiwi Day N, a long ass webcomic about questing, magic animals and silly puns.

You can find the original work here:

As for what's going on with the story, the real one, it's coming back soon. I've been off doing practices, getting drunk, and playing vidya a lot, but it's time to wrap this up, so I am confident after I'm done with this, we'll resume Johnny's shenanigans.

In any case, this crossover is long as hell, so I'll be uploading pages daily until they're finished.

m(__ _)m Sorry for the inconveniences so far.
Valentine Special
Still working on the upcoming strips. They'll come in a batch, so it's gonna take longer to have them all ready.
In the meantime, I hope you like this small Valentine Update.
0302 - "Way to Fall"
Back to wrap this whole mess. Sorry for the delay.