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Hey! I'm Jenn and I've been doing comics for a while now. My current project is a reimagining of the nineties show "Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders," though my original comic was an original book I'm writing, called "The World of Ishota." Ishota is on pause as I launch Jewel Riders.

I like writing, reading and drawing. I have just recently graduated college and have finally found a big-girl job! Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time away from comicking, so I will be a ghost for now.
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The key word here is "unceremoniously".
The Dweasels look on uneasily as Kale goes to dispose of Merlin.
@9rainbowtails: HAHA YES. I was wondering if anyone would notice. ;)
Hey girl
Will you help an old man out?

Thanks bae.
Look at all that wonderful, kooky old personality on Merlin's face in panel two. And now for the introduction of "the key".
I added in that circular panel at the last minute... Hopefully you can't tell. Also, pretty rainbow aurora borealis magic aura!
I dunno know why, but all my drawings of Merlin's ol' wrinkly face always come out so well. He has so much expression and life in his emotions, it's crazy!
Antisocial much
Sunstar walks around the forest a bit, staying away from the other kids. If anyone picks the reference in this page, I'm sorry. lol
Makes you wonder...
...Has he had this conversation before? Who was in that empty spot beside him?
Oh, the tragedy of being different. Look at those wings though! I mean, it's almost believable that they'd pick a horse up into the air. And like FLY.
I think a good name for Sunstar's dad is Orion... I don't know... What do you guys think? :)
First thing you might notice is that Sunstar's wings got a huge makeover. They look functional now! lol
@Ry: Oh, thank you Ry. :) I'm so glad you feel that way. I've got some real cool things planned. :D
@Guest: I paid special, close attention to the first two-part opening episodes entitled "Jewel Quest." You've only seen a prologue so far, dear reader, which is, in fact, my input. This is essentially the speech Merlin is giving to Gwen and Tamara the first time we see them and the Crystal Palace. The same information is there, I only told it in a different way (showing instead of telling) and elaborated on it a bit. Thanks for your interest! :)
@Guest: Thank you for the critique! Anyways, I do have Kale in the cast, she is just in a little later on. Specifically, after Sunstar's introduction.
And suddenly!
Merlin heats up a kettle of tea for another cup... A seeing crystal lights up to reveal an ominous sign... What's his next move?
Cozy Cottage
As Merlin walks away from his desk, we see his humble abode, full of mysterious objects and ancient books. He heads to the kitchen with his mug...
Zoom out
We were in the book (with pictures!)... And now we are out of the book.
This picture kinda excites me. Setting the tone for an epic story about to unfold. :D
And at last, the great wizard Merlin is shown. Yes, it's been his dialogue narrating the whole time! I like his starry, starry robe. :)