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I have moved to Nick Cypher The Flames. If no one saw the avatar this is how they'll know.
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I clearly didn't take my time with the speech and bubble placement... But I was pissed when I made this comic...
This is a joke me and MM9 thought of awhile back, but we didn't have the sprites needed yet. Well, we finally got the sprites and now here's the joke... Although I guess only a few people will fully understand the joke, it's meant for a small laugh while me and MM9 work on an animated banner (That's right, an animated banner.)
My first review... I could've put more time and effort into the review, but I was bored as hell so I just wanted to get a comic made...
Finally I got the first strip done!!! Btw the green hedgehog is me, Nick, I just forgot to mention name in comic. -_-;;
Have plants grow to form a jungle.
There's creatures that are half one animal and half of another animal

(correct term is chimera, but I was kinda wanting to describe a bit )
Guess who's baaaaaaaaaaaack. And I have new sprites again, but this time I'm sticking to them.
Might make comic soon
I'm seriously thinking about making a comic for this soon... So... Yea... I'll try to have that done soon and uploaded.

Also... Sonic + Someone's pushy button = Someone gets hurt
I like beating up Sonic, but I figured someone was gonna miss eventually. I might as well do that. I might make it bigger so it's easier to see.
when is someone gonna make a new comic?
Lugbzurg's right. I kicked sonic then fell into the lava.
finally an update for this comic
No net right now, sorry. I'm having to use a library computer. I hope I have net back soon.
I just know that hammerhead's gonna come back and hurt someone
I'm bored so I'll be updatin soon. I need to get away from the damn chatboxes. Maybe then I'd get something done.
Priority nine?? Eggman must take Tails to be weak.
nice job, and on the last panel what I said was too true
that's pretty funny. We hate those kinds of N003s
Maybe Tails did get caught in the wind and he's trying to catch up to them. Also I noticed Tails suddenly became the fall guy instead of Sonic. Maybe a swap in positions? There's two hedgies and one fox.
Is this Comic dead or is everyone being lazy.
I'm saved!