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Thank you
for your support, Ledgerina! <3 I just saw the hate-comment and deleted it.
@b3nc0: yes, it's going to update on Thursdays and yes you're right, but I cought up on all platforms so everywhere is the same page right now. :)
follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook!
@DustySeedling: Yes!! And it's going to update regularly again! Thank you!! <3
Right now I'm not able to upload steadily so please be patient, but I'm working on doing so. <3 thank you everyone for supporint, liking, commenting and of course sliently reading! :))
@sstogner1: hahahaha, yes! Haruhiro is not so happy to bump into him this early! *g* thank you!
@Kotokot: thank you my dear! <3
oh, this makes me so happy! <3 thank u my dear!