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I love videogames, animes, manga and all the japanese crap ;D
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    Ian Dimas de Almeida
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@Lucky Fox: Hey, glad you like the comic! :D

Unfortunately, while I *really* want to continue the comic, I just can't at the moment, I don't have the free time to work on it anymore.

I dunno if there's a way to "watch" comics, as I haven't used Smackjeeves in a long time, but I do know that favoriting a comic makes it easier to find it in your account, so I guess there's that XD
@Guest: Huh, that's true. It's been an eternity since I last messed around with it, but I'll try to change to another generic template :O
So many surprises!
@Skettche: Yup, I do it all on paper :)

I forgot to mention, I do use photoshop to make it look "sharper", the black look more black and the white more white. If you look at most of the earlier pages, the lines don't look as good as they to now XD

As for uploading them here, I use a scanner to digitalize the pages :D
Poor Kazooie!
@Skettche: Of course! I do the sketches with either a pencil or a mechanical pencil, and the inks with India ink ( using both a fountain pen (for the main lines) and normal ink pen (for details and backgrounds).

If the comic is colored, I use aquarellable colored pencils by Faber Castell after :)
Getting worse!
As usual, things are not as easy as they seem!
@shadowknight19100: Megaman Neo Adventures is harder for me because I do all the writing alone for it, and I'm not a good writer.

I'm glad you like it though, I certainly still want to finish it someday :)
Our heroes are prepared this time!
Back to the scene of the crime!
@Skettche: It's an evil laugh, mostly in humorous fashion XD
Kazooie doesn't forgive, nor she forgets!
In which Clanker is the cutest of all!
Let's hope this doesn't get them in trouble!
That should help our heroes... Somehow!
Time to learn some new moves!