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Working on some comics and hopefully posting them soon. Check out my DA for updates.

So, a little about me. I'm a very open-minded Christian who loves randomness and most things fantasy/paranormal. I'm trying my best to improve my art (when I get the time). I'm currently a full time student and searching for a part-time job. I'm always willing for a chat and make some new friends, so don't hesitate to send me a message! c:
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I had a similar reaction, but with a lot more tears.
@Tailswish: Ah, okay. I personally use SAI myself. No idea how photoshop works, or I would definitely help you out with the lineart thing. Sorry.
@Tailswish: What program do you use?

(great pages, by the way!)
@AshFisher: I say go for it!
@GabrielsThoughts: Not really sure what the joke has to do with the page...

And my page is below 700px, unless you mean it should be at least 700px... I don't personally see a problem with my page width. It's not too small and it's not too big.
Sorry for the lazy lining and lack of color/shade. Got caught up in a few commissions and didn't have much free time. I wanted to get this up ASAP so someone else could get a turn.

I'm going to be starting Katie's intro soon, so I might not post another page for the main story for a few pages.

Edit: *facepalm* I forgot her freckles. I'll add them later.
July 1st, 2014
Art by Maki!
Art by Maki!
I can draw the next page.
@SpookyQT: Thank you. c:

Just posted the last part of her intro. So feel free to do the next page if you want!
Tried something different with the coloring and paneling. I think I like this better (with paneling, at least). Such a short intro, but I didn't want to hold anyone else up. ^-^;;
Finally got a chance to do a page! I'm working on the second page now.

-P.s.: The little girl in the photo is Hollie's daughter.

-EDIT: Added color.
Have fun in Japan! ^-^
@TheLazyBassist: I RP so I tend to get really detailed with my character info.
I think the intro turned out great! Can't wait to see more of her! ^-^
So I was planning on making another hospital worker, but his design just wasn't working. So I made Katie. :I

The little Katie on the right is what she'd look like with clothes on and her wig off. I also apologize for the quick badly done eyepatch. I rushed on that.
Name: Katelin Glass
Age: 25
Height: 5'3" / 160 cm
Expertise: Artist (mostly painting) + Patient
Bio: Katie was unfortunately involved in a bad relationship and her boyfriend wasn't exactly happy to hear that she wanted to break up with him. The next thing Katie knew she was on her way to the hospital, most of her body covered in burns. Her boyfriend had been so angry that he had actually tried to kill her (just one of the many reasons she was trying to break up with him in the first place). Because of the accident she is no longer able to speak properly, so she uses a whiteboard to communicate. Although her ex is in jail, Katie's aunt still feared for her and had her transferred to Collab Hospital.

Additional info:
*Her family used to call her KitKat when she was little. Now usually people call her Katie.
*She is very self-conscious about her scars and tries to hide them as much as possible.
*Most of her scars are on her back and face.
*Katie tends to be meek and shy (even more so after her accident), but opens up once she gets to know someone.
*Her hair was burnt in the fire, so she wears a wig when she can.
@TheLazyBassist: Thank you! Obesity is a huge issue and I know it can hit home with a lot of people. I personally struggle with weight issues (not obese, but not healthy) because of a disease I have. I'm still debating if I want to give Hollie the same disease. It's something that many women have, and struggle with, but it's not really spoken about. If I add it I might wait until later on to have it pop up, but again not really sure. ^^;
Name: Hollie Kane
Height: 5'5" (167 cm)
Expertise: General nurse
Age: 26
Bio: Being a nurse wasn't Hollie's first choice in a career, but her real dream job was unattainable. Hollie stayed in retail until her daughter was born. She decided to better her life, and her daughter's, by going to school for nursing. She worked hard, earned her degree, and got a job at a hospital.
She's a very sweet, gentle, and patient person when it comes to patients. She can be a bit sensitive on certain subjects, but tries to keep it from interfering with her work.
-Hollie's daughter (Ashlynn) is five.
-She's very sensitive about her weight and is currently trying her best to lose the pounds.
-She has a LOT of hair, but always tries to keep it up and out of the way however she can. If she's putting something in her hair she tries to match it with her scrubs.
-Can speak some Gaelic.
I think this is one of my favorite pages. XD