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Awww ganbatte ne, sensei~
I should write a x-mas article for Rinat and Ace, since they are comin out soon?XD
Aha! I am here before CK! ahahahahaha *wth*
anyways, still waiting for Rinat to come out lol
yep, his b-day was just 2 days ago...and I was too busy too write anything...Minama's b-day was 4 days ago as well...why the hell did I make their b-days so close = =
I suck OTZ
Wow, why is Karan so like sensei in the mornings? =v=
you could always post my *gets oked*
I think that everyone's just rushing through their work before winter break

I wanna step on her shoe laces lol
ooh...yay, Rinat comes out in this chapter, woot~XD
woot~~finally, I'm first lol
count down, 8 more days until winter break and seeing Hotara ^^

ahaha...Karan's shoe laces are untied, she'll pk =v=
Whoa! Color O__O
Great job!*pats*

ahaha...well, itz just that ppl have seen to many of these things, they are smart, I guess
so, itz not your problem lol
November 29th, 2006
nope, but u get extra smiles lol
November 27th, 2006
y does it have to be vietnamese noodles...
ne~ur drawing is improving ^^
but I kinda liked the style u had before ;__;

anyways...ahahaha, keep it up, so I will update more as well lol
the uniform seems a bit different...and weird
yes, Shiry does look evil in this page *drinks tea*

I wanna continue seeing Valean stripping +___+
Ahaha I see Valean stripping~~~
1 page per week is good enough, as long as you keep it that way ^^
so...chapter 4 will hopefully come out after about half a yr
I have enough time to prepare then, more than enough...woot XD

*whack hotara on head* if u do not know your own group members, u have a very serious problem = =
ahahaha, that is not suitable to talk about in the public *~^^~*
she must be related to Armstrong...=__=
and...isn't she too tall lol

yah, I am getting pressure XD
oh well, I will upload sooner or later =P
ahaha, I hope you do keep it up
I wanna see Rinat come out*sparkles*
that chick is so macho...=¤f=
can't they see that from behind? -__-|||b
yah, that was what I was thinking lol
September 25th, 2006
hmm...update alot...that would be rare, cuz she's lazy lol
September 25th, 2006
ur style changed...Shiry looks so different = =
Yay, Rinat~! I wouldn't say bad things, he would just start throwing wrenches and tools =v= (ppl: he sleeps with them? lol)