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I love him! ...That doesn't count, does it?
DEVELOPMENT HELL: One page a week? More like one page a month... or year... kasdfjas;; I suck but here you go, have the next page.

(And he might just be a teensy bit angry, maybe.)
@Pokemon?: SUCCESS--I mean... wait... is that what I'm supposed to be thinking? XD
@Mysterious Guest Commenter: XDDD It's okay! You're not the first!

8D Fangirl? We have fangirls? *tears of joy*
@Mysterious Guest Commenter: And then when you get an account, we can finally figure out who you are! 8D
Haha, thank you~ (I swear I'll try to get the next update done sooner D8 noooo do not eat me I am not delicious), but, one thing...

Shizuka is a girl. XD SHE'S A TRAP
Updating schedule? What updating schedule?

*hides under a rock forever* D>

That said... um... yes. Here's a page.

Updates two days in a row? From the person who took (probably more than) six months to upload five pages? What is this madness?


Everyone loves the main character. Clearly, they do.
We actually made it to chapter two!! (I don't think I should be so proud of this accomplishment...)

The first page of chapter two is in the process of being toned, so it should be up soon.

As for this page, thank you Wolf for inking and coloring it! :3
...And the chapter is done!

Okay, I'm not even going to go back and LOOK at how many months it took me to get 15 pages done. T_T I have no work ethic. I'm so sorry.

That's all I've got to update with for right now. I'll get to work on chapter two ASAP, but school isn't quite over yet for me... so we'll see how that goes. T_T Can it be summer yet?
Even if Shinju nearly gave our main character a heart attack, there, she's cute and that makes everything better. At least, until Shizuka shows up.
...Okay, maybe it did have two eyes. Oops. I'm good at remembering things when I make author comments. Really I am. D:
I'm pretty sure nothing is worse than having a zombie with one arm, one eye, and not much else on top of you and about to maul your face off.
...Yeah... I definitely lied about the blood content of this... but they're zombies, so that makes it okay, right? :D (Right??)

Um, if it isn't obvious, the main character is made of fail and he tripped on a random piece of scrap metal. Maybe he should watch where he's going... but that ruins the drama.
Okay, this has taken waaaay longer than it should to get up and I'm really sorry. D: School and just life in general has been getting in the way for the last few months, but now that that's done with, here's the rest of the chapter.

As for this page... let's just pretend I can draw perspective-jumping-down and be done with it. T_T
Oh, I am so bad at keeping up with this. D> I'm sorry! Please don't eat me!

So... yes.

When faced with a challenge, what does our main character do?


Enjoy! (I'll try to get the next page up soon, but I make no guarantees. D>)
@M-ocha: I'm not entirely sure how he's still awake, myself. And I know! Poor little zombie. It tries so hard.

@Pokemon?: :D
Woohoo, another update! And it didn't take two weeks this time! (Not like that's something to be proud of, but still.)

So apparently neither Wolf OR I can draw zombies. Oh well. At any rate I'm still amused by that one zombie there that only has that one arm and nothing else. Poor thing, it just keeps on going because it has no other meaning to its life. Doesn't your heart just go out to it?

...Well, I guess the main character's doesn't quite so much, but then again he's the one being subjected to this.

...I swear, he will get a name by next chapter. Within the first few pages. D: PLEASE DON'T EAT ME I'M SORRY

@Pokemon?: Really? XD
I WILL WORK ON MOAR I SWEAR (or I'll make Wolf work on moar, zombies are evil to draw)