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Liros Noir
Semi-psychotic internet addict.
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Alright, I confess. I was lazy. UBERLAZY. And uninspired.
So, here is a failed trainer card.
I need to work on my pokemanz drawing skills. I can't draw 'em for crap... but as of late, I've been developing my own style.
OH! As for the storyline thing... I saw the 'one pokemon' rule.

Wartortle is my starter. Liros/I started in the Kanto reigon when she was only ten. She was a bit young, but mature for her age, and headstrong. She and Aqutir (her Squirtle at the time) worked their way up to where they are now (Sinnoh?) and though Aquatir is level 48 (can be lowered if too high, or raised if too low) he says he'll evolve when good and ready. Liros has no objections to it.
My fault
I should have showed you what I meant...

If it were me, he'd have punched my face in; I'd have been drawing on his face with sharpie markers.
If the HM:MM goddess looked like that, people would give HER the blue feather instead of any other girl!
Mew, Darkrai, Haunter and Ho-Oh... can it be done?
I'd never let my Dux evolve


Just kidding (sort of.)
fatman? That cynadquil doesn't look like my friend Wes...

Sorry, personal joke.
Er... what's with this 'in the style of FFVII' thing you're going on about? The only remotely FFVII thing I see is that the main character(?) has stolen Cloud's hairstyle, when seen from the front, and Reno's, when seen from behind...
Oh man! I was laughing so hard, I thought I'd die.
Sorry, dude. Pokemon is wrong.


*hits print button*
Take it from a woman...
It's spelled 'ovaries'.

And he shouldn't have any. Or is that part of the gag? If so, that's mildly funny