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I've always hated doing this.

I enjoy art, blah blah, accounting major, blah blah, hope you all enjoy my crap, blah blah blah blaah.
Blah blah blah see previous entry for explanation. Also, it now has a name. Knights of Reno.
Messed around with my style, got it somewhere in between my former crappy toony style and my regular style as seen on dA. This is a character concept for an upcoming webcomic I'm co creating with a buddy who's writing it. I'm the white girl bandito and he's the white boy free running kung fu action guy. Hurrah.
one6thsense: Haha, nah. I'd be more forgiving if it were a comic host mascot or if all of the ducks that have chased me were drunk. Alas, that is not the case, and I wish a painful death by steamroller to them all.
And then I have to remind myself that most of the people who ask me this haven't met my mom, and if they had, they'd know how crazy she was within the first ten minutes of talking to her.

But yeah, part of a conversation I had on the phone with her yesterday. You really don't want to know the context. Really. And it doesn't even show how crazy she is. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hell, it's not even that. It's not even the atmosphere around the iceberg.

And now I'm done with oldies.
Aaand another oldie. The next one is actually going to be recent, and have a different coloring style. Oh joy. Anyway, true story. The numbering system in a quite of a few buildings on campus is screwed up, and encountering that sign really didn't help. I did eventually find the classroom. It was in the middle of the 134-149 group of classrooms. Then I went to find my history classroom, and couldn't find it because THAT building also had a screwed-up numbering system.
Oldie. Way oldie.