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Hello! xD I like lotsa things, so I'll get to this later.

But of course I like POKEMONZ.
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*Gasp* Gaaah this is so cuuuute. ;w;b
Awwww this is adorable hee hee! <333 I think their expressions were really captured well!
Wow, I'm your hundredth fan, congratulations! <333 You deserve it, what an adorable story so far! <8'D Looking forward to reading more!
ASJKFD NO. YOUR comic is the cutest/awesomest/most action-packed comic! And you have no idea how much I envy your style and its consistency. <333~~~
Looks like I missed a lot while I was gone though! ;w; SERIOUSLY. GO YUMI with those SUPER SLICK guns (Oh and by the way I am SO JEALOUS. Goodness, I wish I could draw guns like that. >:C)and Hotaru is being such a cutie as always. I-is it bad that I feel slightly bad for Nephi though? That looks like it hurt. ;o;
Once I make an account I'll be sure to follow this on DA too! 8D
Oh gosh this is GENIUS. 8'D I love the way this story's going so farrrr. <333

AWWW I think I just cried at how CUTE THIS IS. ;w; It made my day. You definitely need more fans! <3333
FFFF Gun blocking is AWESOME. xD Go Andy go!

...But then again I feel bad so I'll root for Jack too. xD
Waaah this comic is CRAZY GOOD! <333 I love how you draw all the characters so animatedly, each of them has a unique personality! And a wonderful style to boot! <8'D

Hee hee I like how you draw spiders. xD
Wow, it looks like you've been doing them for years! What a cute style! <333
D'awww man I can't wait to see what he's looking at. x'DDD
Oh my gosh! D8> Well they look like they're having fun. xD Aw man you draw action so well, what are you talking about? <333

NO CUTTER what's wronggg?! D:>
I-I think I love Cutter 100% more than I did before. ;A; HE IS SO COOL.
LOL this is awesome! xDDD I love these two handsome dudes whenever you draw them~

Wow your art is so beautiful, I'm faving! xD
Ooh suspense~!

I hope they make it out of this one unscathed! xD
Ffff Bruce already denounced his old criminal ways! Why must thou threaten him further, Princess?! <:'C

Well done as always! <3333
EDIT: Oh, I like the new banner! 8'D
Oh goodness

so much drama~ <3

;w; I was piled up with summer homework and other crud, and school started for me too...

BUT you guys are amazing! Almost 80 fans?! I love you! D'8> Double update for you today! 8'D
Haha Bruce, you should be a little more trustful of your friends!

Especially when one of your friends is Vexx! xD