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November 6th, 2014
sommer time chit chat continues
October 26th, 2014
Backgrounds... *sweats*
October 17th, 2014
Oh the flirty summer days some have.
October 8th, 2014
Sometimes I remember, yes, I do have a webcomic and decide to draw a few more pages for it. I have one more finished and trying to not forget to post it sometime next week. Possibly.
*quietly posts pages 2 weeks in a row!!!*
Sneaky surprise comic update *melts back into a dark void*
I have no idea where time keeps disappearing to. It just literally is and then it isn't. Hnggg
*appears out of no where with a special*
Ahem, I swear I have not given up this project and I will bring it to end. I'm just doing several other stuff too...
And I want to finish thumbnail for this comic before I seriously continue doing pages again.
Meanwhile a Christmas special strip. Making jokes with Täheke's name is one of my favourite things. Haha. He is just the star of the show. :')

((who doesn't know, Täheke can be pretty much translated to lil' star ))

Edit: Also Vulpes does have a /very/ different hairdo here because of reasons and because it looks cute.
Recently I was at an animation festival here in Estonia and it made me super inspired and motivated to do stuff (❁´◡`❁) I am getting back into drawing this comics again. Also. I do have up to page 23 drawn but they still need lettering.
On other news as we were making some random zines in a comic workshop, I ended up doing for this comic. (as can be seen in the image hoho )
I eventually plan on uploading the contents of it online too.
I am so sorry for not updating for such a long time. *bows*
I haven't forgotten about this comics and I want to finish it for sure. But as I have not been feeling well at all in the last months I failed my update schedule. Now I am slowly working on getting better.

Until I have a proper buffer for this comic you are free to check out my dA
@piimapakk: ((bad smackjeeves bad )) OH GOD AAHAHAA the height difference !!! what is with me and tall people pfff god I cannot handle this
Most likely Mõisnik. I'm not even quite sure why. Maybe the strong and cool aura of Mõisnik, haha.
A woman fighting for the righteousness of the world. A boy attempting to find himself in all the mess as he meets a person or two who might change his view on the world. Some how everything seems a bit strange, doesn't it, Täheke?

Link to webcomic here.
I usually try updating atleast once a week. When possible also twice a week.
The last week has been a haze. I just don't know. Anyway, have a flashback.
ksfjdksghdj I forgot to update.
Anyway, last page before a flashback starts~
Not an update but changed the cover page because I didn't like the old one that much anymore.
All the differences, man. => here
@piimapakk: Almost :'D One more page and then flashback really starts.
And a new update already! /;w;/
I got around to drawing a new page again. My recent days in a nutshell have been drawing and watching anime occasionally haha.

Also, wider lines. Because thin lines only look really good while I am drawing and have it all really zoomed in, heh.

PS!: That's the sound of the school bell. Not making the DING DONG noise, nope.
July 14th, 2013
Did he actually wake up or is this inception? :O