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what to say? ok, I'm just some random so called "catgirl" blah blah... hobbies? well, dawing :3
and let me tell you, how I did my avatar... I just cut someones head and put it to avatar thingy 8D
I think Zero just powned Knux with that awesome attack 8D if I could just remember what attack it is, I haven't played megaman x4 for ages TT__TT
OMFG! Zero owns knuxes ass now! Knuckles is next who's out of the game lol 8D
sad... cause I really liked your comic, but I understand you. <__<
this is hilarious! XD you have so good ideas
NOOOOO! don't say this is dead! update already! D:
aww... this reminds me about my cat when I was member D:
If I was there: O my Fu*k! too many n00bs! *runs away like crazy*
when I saw this one, I really did a barrel lol! XD
o gosh, I hate n00bs in Runescape... always asking "can I get some stuff from joo!?" so annoying. and I totally love this comic X3