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Ruthie's face D:
Ah, well. I was just thinking that Ahr wouldn't have known or seen Kane and Castalia taking action if he had dove at the same moment they did :))
i love how ahr was going to use his hair to cushion cosimo's fall hahaha omg A+
1012? That means she's been gone for almost 3 years D:
I've been waiting for this too! :D
"Right now sh-" what? :O There's a part of me that wants it to be something like "Right now she's on a date." or something like that lol.
All I can say at the moment is HUBBA HUBBA. I apologize XD
He was crying. Tears of happiness! Please let it be so! :D
AHAHA. Did he just...? ...Earlier than expected? Or did I not interpret the last two panels correctly? :))
Kane's expression in that last panel is so cute! <3
Ahahaha. I still can't get over the panel where Luther SPARKLES 8D~ ...And Luther and his drama and speedlines.

I'm loving the twins and the fact that Jing got smacked away XD;

Also, this is, like, my first comment ever here on smackjeeves so... yeah... *awkward*