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I like Japanese Honey Castella cake.
I love DQ ice cream.
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This part made me so sad..The happiness of Zak contrasts the surprise and the tears.. all at the same time.
His father sees his suffocation..
The mother is so despicable, and it makes me so angry that her character doesn't even seem to realize it, the very instant that she tried to make Hiroyuki look as though he didn't love his father in the last panel.

Wow.. to create that emotion for a character that could be tangibly real, is just amazing.
The last and the first are my favorite panels. Both of those atmospheres really suffocate him, don't they? ):
I dig his look.

Love Darryn looking so carefree here. :)
I love the composition and the flow of the events on this page, shows how tragic it was, as this part of the story follows. ):
About the Castle
Loved the brilliant blue that radiates, the emittance of the light that illuminates the skeleton that stands, arms outstretched, gazing wondrously upon it.

I saw it just now and I liked it very much. :)
August 13th, 2010
Oh my gaww..I can see the motion.
August 13th, 2010
WOW! I've fallen in LOVE with the transition in the middle.

Dynamic pose!!!
I love how you draw the motion of vanishing and dissolving.

The shading on Albus's face on the first two panels are my favourite of this page. :)
Wow this may be the most random thing I've said all night..
I'm hearing the beginning of How do you Like me now from M-Flo.. and it flows so well with this image. :O
September 5th, 2009
Ah, don't mind my opposition to your comment, but I have to disagree. I find that your cross-hatching at the final panel was the most eye catching to me, especially seeing it applied as adding movement to the wheat. And the legs I like the most for some reason.

Wonder what happens after this.. :o
HAH That that panel got a silent laugh out of me.
I can just see the awesome effect of the rain on the whole situation. And yeah, though a page late on me commenting, I missed Keian's appearance for a while. Hmm where does it go from here?
July 3rd, 2009
Worth a look.
Wow.. the vibrant colours.. just bring out that last panel. I love the way you draw the noses especially.
Digging the background and the (may I not be corrected) almost seductive look of the Lord. *favoriting this moment*
Wow.. I think I get it but then i don't. xD

Insanely addictive, now that I think about it.. anything people don't get makes them want to "get" it more to understand it. Precisely the reason for the fave. :O
WOW. He's spinning like a hurricane.
Holey crap! The poses here are so dynamic.. The movement looks so smooth too. Grack, I wish I could be able to show stuff like this in art too. :D
My favorite page by far! The shading of Keian's hair I especially adore.